Italy! :)


We were at it again! The three amigos made their way to beautiful Italy for spring break. After a long flight to Frankfurt airport, (And grabbing a nice pretzel to go!) We flew to Rome, I breathed in the smell of Rome, it smelled like old books and churches to me. Rome is a place where you walk down a couple of steps and BOOM there is a great mansion or church from hundreds of years ago! Its a place where history and the present day are so wrapped up together. The sculptures, statues and architecture is a sight to see! One was the Trevi fountain, a beautiful piece of work. It had one neptune and triton statues looking proudly across, made with exquisite detail and design. We also saw the calcium, many museums, and bakery shops!  We also met up with grandma! Next, we travelled to the Amalfi coast. We stepped out off the train to see a breathtaking view, a clear blue sky with bright houses all along the beaches and cliffs. Almost like it was a shot out of a movie! We hopped on a boat and whizzed our way to our little cozy apartment, overlooking a big church and 7,000 fresh lemon trees. We spent our days in the Amalfi coast sitting on the balcony or in the cafe sipping tea and reading a good book with the sound of the crashing wave. It was a realaxing spot, to prepare of for…. Naples! I have to say that at first the sound of how many pick pocketers and scammers were going to be there, it did not sound very pleasing. But my family and I kept our stuff together and on the very first day, (After an hour and a half wait) we got into the best pizza restaurant in town! My favorite one was a huge pizza with fresh tomato sauce, cheese, and spicy salami. There was no conversation going on when we ate, it was every man for himself when we dived in to grab a mouthful. We saw the massive volcano of Vesuvius. The volcano was a great looming mass of rock in the distance while we overlooked the old little town of Herculean. When the volcano erupted, sending out hot ash and smoke it was so sudden the people did not have any chance of survival, like the city of Pompeii, right next door.

Another amazing trip I will never forget!


Slam Poem


Now for a quick change of perspective…

This is the Slam Poem I wrote and preformed today! I really enjoyed writing and preforming this, ans who knows? Maybe I’ll post a video of it!?!

It is Stupid

It is stupid

To think that someday 

You could be loved

You could be happily married

With six kids

And a beautiful cottage

On Walnut Street

If you ever have a bad day

Love will pick you up like a train and take you far away

It will take you somewhere you have never been

Or maybe just back to Walnut Street

It is stupid to think about that

In 7th Grade 

It is stupid

Being in 7th Grade

And thinking

Love will come

You will feel it


It is stupid that as

Unexpected, and fun

As it can be

Love will surprise you 

Love will be loud

And love will be sure of where it is going

It is stupid

When you have a crush

And you tell all your friends 





You think

This isn’t love

This Cant happen

In 7th Grade

So What

If you think about him 

A lot

So what if when he is around

You get butterflies in your stomach

And your face glows with happiness that he is here

This cant happen

You don’t know what love is

In 7th grade

Because love

It can just whizz by you

Or it can stop

To see what it can pick up

But sometimes you wont see it coming

And it doesn’t come on time

It might come late or early

No one will ever know 

It is stupid 

When you tell your friends


This could be love

And they laugh 




And they say 


Is stupid

It can’t be love

You are in 7th grade

There is No Way

And of course 

You agree

Because you are in 7th Grade

Because love doesn’t stop for unaccompanied minors

It is Stupid

That we can’t consider real love

We can’t stop to smell the roses

It could be

Yes it could be

If the other agrees

That you love them and they love you

If they agree

Someday you could be

Happily married

With six kids

Living in the beautiful cottage

On Walnut Street

And love will keep going on and on and on

For an amazing ride

But love

Love has no conductor

You are your own leader

You are in charge of where love will lead you

And no one can tell you when love will leave or stay

Or when love will come

You have to decide for yourself

It is stupid

That maybe

If they agree

That you love them

And they love you

You could live

Your love could start in 7th grade

And your love could stay in the cottage 

On Walnut Street


You could be dumped

Love could end

Love could leave

For another

With strawberry blonde hair

And a shining light of confidence

That you don’t have

Because you didn’t believe that love could start in 7th grade

After High School

Love could leave

In the house

On Almond street


You did not make it all the way to Walnut Street

Just on the other side of town

It is Stupid

That love

It has to start somewhere

You can say where it starts and stops

But love can too

Because sometimes

Love has a mind of its own

It could start

It could stay on Walnut Street


It could end on Almond

But it has to start somewhere

In 7th Grade

Or 107th grade

It could start today

It could start tomorrow

It could start on Walnut Street

It could end on Almond

But love

Love has no conductor

You are your own leader

You are in charge of where love will lead you

And no one can tell you when love will leave or stay

Or when love will come

You have to decide for yourself

Love could take you anywhere

But is has to start somewhere

And it could start in 

7th Grade

Love can start

In 7th grade


China Alive! Day 2


Day 2: Today was just as good as the first day, but with more hard work! We woke up, then went in the Tong Lu city to have our breakfast. This may of been the best breakfast, because it wasn’t a hotel style breakfast, it was street food! My friend and I shared a big bowl of noodles, a bowl of pineapple, and an egg pancake. It was delicious, and it cost under 20 kuai! After that, we headed down to a town where we would begin our farming work! When we reached the town, we went to the tour guides uncles house, and the chaperones explained how the day would work, we would work, and then get a token saying how much money we earned.

First we planted crops, this may of been the hardest out of the day, but it was fun! We had to bend over with the hot sun beating down on our backs. We first made the soil rid of rocks and plastic, then leveled it. Then came the hard part! We had to plant the crops, and stuff them into the ground then run to the get buckets of water, it was a lot of hard work but it was nothing compared to the next activities. After planting the crops, we hiked up to the mountain to pick tea leaves. After about a 15 minute hike, we went up into the mountains to start picking. It would of been lovely, relaxing, and beautifully sunny, but of course with the good, comes the bad. Bugs. Bugs, and more bugs. The were coming at us that we were on Americas Next Top Model, and the most attractive people on earth. After coming back down from the mountains, we had some lunch and then set beck to work. Making Pens. This may sound boring, but trust me, this was. We all sat in a sweat shop, and made pens for the community. 0.1 Kuai was four pens. OH JOY. I mean sure it was OK, we got to socialize, but it felt like we were forced to do it, I mean we were, but anyways…

After the fun of pen making we didn’t have many more jobs to do, so we hunted around for jobs, and we found out about one good one, BRICK CARRYING! We all got gloves on and set to work. We had to carry the bricks up a hill and up some steps we had counters, and we started with an assembly line but then split solo. I ended up carrying about 100 bricks out of a thousand, with no breaks carrying 3-4 bricks each time. I carried five sometimes, but decided 4 was more than enough. Some of the boys even carried 7!!

After a day of long and hard work, we added up all the money we earned, and gave it to the farmer, who gave us our dinner. It was delicious! The second day was just as good as the first and little did I know, I still had more to come.





China Alive! Day 1


Hey there! Sorry I havent been on for a long time! I would say I have been busy, but really I have no excuse, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Last week I was on CHINA ALIVE, which may be the best part of the year. I went to Tong Lu, China, The most beautiful place in China. China Alive is a week where we get away from our parents, go somewhere in China, experience the culture, and most of all, have fun. So I think the best way to tell you about my trip is to go through it day by day, which might sound boring, but trust me, its not.

Day 1: We got on the bus at 8:00, and got to Tong Lu at about 12:30. It was a long bus ride, full of singing and laughter, HannahPower:TongLu:Rollingand lots of funky jokes. When we arrived in Tong Lu we got off the bus, and walked into a beautiful restaurant, when we sat at the table we got to eat lots Tong Lu specialties, and they was delicious! After that we got back on the bus for 15 minutes and went to the bottom of Da Qi mountain. Then it was time for the hike, I wasn’t really looking forward to hiking, but afterwards I was glad I went. We started to hike up and I really got to see how gorgeous the Tong Lu mountains were. We hiked for a while before reaching the beautiful green plants and blue water. There were so many photo opportunities, and only they can really explain how beautiful it was. As they say, a picture is worth one thousand words! When we reached the top of the mountain, we knew it would take hours to walk back down, so we decided to take the fast way down, the roller-coaster! Well, I dont think I can really say roller-coaster, more like fast crappy Chinese ride that was way more fun than you would think coaster type thing. I got on with, Joon Soo, Kaitlyn, Aniketh, and me. You pushed the levers down to go fast and pulled them to break. Guess what we did the whole way? Top speed of course! I was a blast! When we reached the bottom we got to play at a wooden play ground. That was really fun, especially being at a playground right in the middle of the mountain. Finally we ended our exiting hike, and went to the hotel. My roomie, Kaitlyn and I went for an explore around the Villa, and thats when we really found out how big it was! I was instantly in awe! It was high up walkways that lead into the cabins, and the reception was in a cabin not in a classy building. It was amazingly unique. After dinner we played an exiting game of hide and seek all around the villa. I was running around with Adeena, and we both felt like spies! I loved it so much!


Book Review: Divergent Series


I am a huge reader. I love books that are placed in a “Utopia” because its very fascinating to see what twisted society looks like in the book. I have a hard time (As most people do) finding the right sort of book for me. Well I found the Divergent series, and this series really KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF. The first book is called Divergent, the second one is called Insurgent and the last one is called Allegiant. If you haven’t already read these series, I’m going to give you a quick insight of what this story is about:

4 factions make up the city in Chicago USA, with the “Fence” outlining the city boundaries to keep everyone in, people who turn the age of 16 gets to decide where they belong, Candor: The faction of honesty and trustworthy, Erudite: The faction of smarts and knowledge, Amity: The faction of kindness, and caring, and Dauntless: The faction for the brave and courageous. Tris prior needs to decide where she really belongs and choosing between doing what is right and what her heart tells her to do. This story well really have you hanging on, a roller coster as you read about Tris Priors life.

Please, please, please, please read this book, I promise that it will be worth it!



Winter break has finally reached us folks! No more tests, quizzes, or exams, no more homework pilling in our schedules. This is the time for real relaxation! Because my family and I, are big travellers it was only a matter of time before we went over to the beautiful Maldives in the Indian ocean. You have probably seen the classic island in the movies, with the white sand and crystal clear blue waters, and the towering palm trees. And guess what? It looks exactly like that!

We arrived at the airport to see a bunch of boats in the harbor, they call the “Taxi boats” and they take you to the hotels on the islands. The boats not only caught my attention, but the water! The water was a blue and as beautiful in the movies, I looked down and I could see the rocks on the bottom of the sea. We then climbed aboard a small speed boat and zoomed off to our hotel. We arrived to a warm welcome at the Holiday Inn, they took us to our room and let us get settled. Throughout the trip we snorkelled and saw lots of beautiful fish, with all sorts of colour and sizes. We fed them crackers and they started to circle us trying to get a piece cracker. I held out a piece of bread and watched in awe as a gorgeous fish swam up and started to nibble at my palm.

One night when we finished our dinner, and headed out to the beach, they started a shark feeding, in which they threw out meat to lure the sharks in so we could get a glimpse of the fascinating creatures. They causally swam up, careful of what might to come, they took the meat and quickly swam off.

This trip was a fantastic one, filled with many adventures and memories that I will always remember.



Sorry I haven’t posted this when it actually occurred but I thought I should write about it.

Thailand 2013, Me and my family got together with our beloved friends, Hannah and her family of course! We met up in Thailand. This vacation was filled with mangos, ice-cream, beach days, and some pool action, and loads of sunscreen :). When we weren’t outside in the rolling waves of the sea, or the pool, me and Hannah were relaxing on the couch watching the Cosbey show. (It looks like we always watch old TV shows when we get together, like in Australia we watched Get Smart, and in Greece we watched I Love Lucy.) We saw fantastic elephants and was let to feed them the bananas that they like, we also had fun shopping at the market places.

When Hannah left, Me and my family still had a week left in Thailand to enjoy. So me and my dad decided to get our scuba divers licence. With many stuff to learn, we spent hours learning all the things to do when your under the water. We passed the tests, and it was time to REALLY test our abilities, with going on a actual scuba trip out in the ocean. I was feeling pretty nervous! What if something went wrong? What if I ran out of air? What if some shark decided I was his snack? I stopped the silly “What if”s and put on my gear to get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! I dove in the cold water, I opened my eyes to see a whole world of coral and swimming fish. We sank down, down, down into the deep blue. It was the most fantastic experience I have ever done before!!!

Taylor Swift tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor Swift has released her new album red, I listen to it every single day. I’m a swiftie as many of you know from previous posts that I absolutely love Taylor Swift she is my role model and I’m a true fan. I begged and begged my parents for the red concert tickets, I HAD to have them! I NEEDED them! I told my dad for my birthday all I wanted is Taylor Swift concert ticket. I had chosen a bad time to break the news for that my dad was on his iPhone 5, (talking to siarrie) which he got for Christmas. I could tell from the absent look on his face that he did not hear ANY word I said. I decided to trust him and hope that he got the messege and was working on it. But soon I got anxious and wanted to make sure he was 100% working on this. So I did my part of reaserching and gave him he website and begged and begged and begged that I really wanted these concert tickets. He finally gave in, I was proud of myself and started back to clean up the kitchen. I heard my dad call my mom over, I could only hear their faint whispering, I sudenly got really exited and had to keep my cool. They both walked in and said………. “You now have Taylor Swift concert tickets.” I could barley contain my enthusiasm and started to jump around in circles yelling “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU”

My New Cat!!!!


I’ve had a few cats in my life. There was Omaley and he was such a lazy laid back cat, that kinda walked around our house like he was the king. And there was Ramsey, who was always looking for trouble, and would eventually end up falling into the bathtub! I dearly loved both of them, but Omaley had to be put down because he had a terrible gum disease. And Ramsey we had to give him away, because he was very depressed and he wanted to be outside but we lived in a apartment and so we gave him away to a family that had a backyard. All of these incidents caused days with oceans of tears, and I felt like I was just a horrible owner. But very recently me and my family have moved into a villa. And decided we could try to look for the right kind of cat. One day when I came back from my friends house, my parents sat me down at the table. “Sydney, we found some cats on the feline friends website, and they wanted us to give our quality’s in a cat.” My mom said, I was already glowing with excitement, “And we want you to fill it out.” Dad added, “Because we want you to take owner ship of this cat.” Mom concluded. So she handed me the computer that had questions written on it and a box to say yes or no. The type of quality’s in a cat that we were looking for were… Lazy, laid back, not hipper, and is loveable. My mom approved it and we sent it to feline friends. They got back to us a couple of days later with a list of cats. The one cat that caught my eye was Posh, a laid back cat, that is used to being left alone. So we set up a date to meet and visit Posh. As the days went by, we were contently thinking about her name. We didn’t want to keep it posh, and we had already thought about naming her Charles Wallice, but she’s a girl, so we had to think of something else. Out of all the names we had, we finally found one….. Mrs. Charles Wallice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its a mouth full, for a cats name, but we could not come with another unique name for her. Finally after grueling days of waiting and waiting finally the time was here,  possibly to  get my future cat! Ding! Dong! Went the door bell, me and my parents were standing outside the foster parents house. When they opened the door a beautiful cat welcomed us inside. She was white with orange spots on her back and tail. We sat on their coach and stroked her soft fur, and asked many questions on of she is, and what is she like.  Everything happened  so fast I barley knew what was going on. First my mom was talking about “The price”  but I was to busy admiring the cat I hardly noticed my parents grabbing the food and her litter box. “Mom whats happening?” I asked as she put the squirming cat in her cat box. “Weir taking her!” my mom exclaimed, I felt my heart pounding, would this be the cat? We piled all of her stuff in the car, and drove to our house. She was meowing and meowing like crazy! Till we opened the front door and let her roam our house. She sniffed every crack and corner and it felt like we had finally found the right cat, and it felt like she finally found the right home.

Making Dinner


This year, because I’m going to middle school, my mother decided I’m old enough to cook dinner once a week. Now we all know that Hannah is the big cooker here, and me, well lets just say I’m don’t enjoy it as much. Well yesterday night I had my first ever mission….. I had to make Fajitas. So I put on my apron and headed into our small kitchen. My mom was going to be there to help me out.

First things you’ll need

1. Chicken breasts

2. A red pepper and green pepper.

3. One white onion.

4. Tony’s (Optional)

5. Sour cream

6. Salsa

So that’s all the ingredients for the recipe. As I was cooking the meat, I noticed cooking was a lot of work. My mom ordered me to the sink, easily  a thousand times to wash my hands after I touched the chicken. And  and when I cutting the fat off the chicken it was so slimy and tough, and my knife kept on slipping. So put the pan on the stove, drizzled a bit of olive oil, and put the chicken on the pan. Still watching them sizzle on the pan, I diced up the peppers and the onion. And put them in a separate pan, next to the sizzling chicken. Then we got out the salsa, the cheese and the sour cream. I love sour cream, I had major will power not to eat some. When the chicken and vegetables were done I was the first to jump in and grab some food. The next thing I did, was eat and stuff my face.