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Jenny of The Tetons


I read a book called Jenny Of The Tetons and it takes place in Wyoming.   Its about a young girl called Carrie. She’s on this trail ride with her parents. but an Indian tribe attacks them. Carrie’s parents and siblings are dead so people bring the young girl to Fort Hall.  She is chosen to go with a family with Beaver Dick, the husband, and the cute children.  She noticed that the mother (Jenny) is a Indian!  She is so frighten from Jenny so she never smiles at her or even is nice to her.  In the end she realizes that she’s not so bad after all!!   unfortunately, the sickness is going around and winter is near.  They soon find out that a strange animal is lurking around, a bear! Will they survive or not??  Read this book too find out!!!!!!

My Horse Riding Lessons


Ever since I was a little kid I have taken horse-riding lessons in Wyoming. This summer, horse I rode was called Valentine.  She was a golden horse but she died this past winter.  It was so sad, but my horse-riding teacher bought a different horse named Josie.  Josie is big brown horse and she had the cutest colt ever named Star.  Star is a gold color and likes to lick me.  However, my horse-riding teacher decided to let me ride a beautiful black and white horse named Vegas.  At our next lesson, Vegas and I went on a trail ride through the woods.  It was a little hard to move Vegas because he kept ducking his head to eat the grass.   It was a very nice end to my day.