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GET SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am in Portugal and I am always in the pool but when I am not in the pool I am watching a T.V. series called GET SMART and its really funny.

It’s really old from 1965-1969 but its not in black & white only the very first episode was in black and white. It is about a secret agent called Maxwell Smart, agent “86” and he goes on most of his missions with agent “99” and she doesn’t have a name, her name is “99”. He has very special gadgets, one is his watch-record-player, it has only been in one episode so far and Max opens up his watch and 99 gives him a charm from her bracelet, which is a record charm, and he puts it on the record and starts playing it. If it is not the right sound, then he turns it over. The most common gadget he uses is his shoe phone and he uses it on almost every mission.

In one episode Max goes to the scientist for Control (his spy group) and asks for some gadgets. One is a camera with a hidden tape recorder inside and one is a tape recorder with a hidden camera inside. Max asks the scientist” Why they don’t have a normal camera that takes photos and a normal tape recorder that tapes” and the scientist says “because my mind doesn’t work that way” I found that very funny.

In the chiefs office he has the cone of silence max always wants it and whenever he uses it
something bad happens.

I recommend this show to all that are reading this.