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Italy! :)


We were at it again! The three amigos made their way to beautiful Italy for spring break. After a long flight to Frankfurt airport, (And grabbing a nice pretzel to go!) We flew to Rome, I breathed in the smell of Rome, it smelled like old books and churches to me. Rome is a place where you walk down a couple of steps and BOOM there is a great mansion or church from hundreds of years ago! Its a place where history and the present day are so wrapped up together. The sculptures, statues and architecture is a sight to see! One was the Trevi fountain, a beautiful piece of work. It had one neptune and triton statues looking proudly across, made with exquisite detail and design. We also saw the calcium, many museums, and bakery shops!  We also met up with grandma! Next, we travelled to the Amalfi coast. We stepped out off the train to see a breathtaking view, a clear blue sky with bright houses all along the beaches and cliffs. Almost like it was a shot out of a movie! We hopped on a boat and whizzed our way to our little cozy apartment, overlooking a big church and 7,000 fresh lemon trees. We spent our days in the Amalfi coast sitting on the balcony or in the cafe sipping tea and reading a good book with the sound of the crashing wave. It was a realaxing spot, to prepare of for…. Naples! I have to say that at first the sound of how many pick pocketers and scammers were going to be there, it did not sound very pleasing. But my family and I kept our stuff together and on the very first day, (After an hour and a half wait) we got into the best pizza restaurant in town! My favorite one was a huge pizza with fresh tomato sauce, cheese, and spicy salami. There was no conversation going on when we ate, it was every man for himself when we dived in to grab a mouthful. We saw the massive volcano of Vesuvius. The volcano was a great looming mass of rock in the distance while we overlooked the old little town of Herculean. When the volcano erupted, sending out hot ash and smoke it was so sudden the people did not have any chance of survival, like the city of Pompeii, right next door.

Another amazing trip I will never forget!


The Dancing Horses


I went on my spring break to Vienna! What a beautiful city. The trees are getting their leaves, the tulips are blossoming, and the birds are chirping. Me, Mom, Dad, and Grandma all got tickets to see a famous show with the DANCING HORSES!!! (The Lipizzaner Stallions!) We got inside the building, we sat at our seats and waited, and waited, and waited, unitl finally the music began. Six, chubby horses waddled on the sand and started to dance. The next group of horses were much  bigger and did amazing jumps! Me and Grandma picked our favorite ones. Grandma liked the brown one, I liked the one with the long tail and the chubby one. Then this very talented rider, used a very long rein and walked behind the horse and made it dance from back there. I thought that was amazing! Because  if you walk behind a horse without touching the horses you will get kicked in the stomach (ouch!) Then the show had to end, but we had a great time!

The Wild Life Park


Me and Hannah went to a wild life park.  As we came in I was stunned!! Because the kangaroos were walking around, and getting petted by people. In other zoo’s the animals  were in cages.  And so me and Hannah all raced to a kangaroo and fed it some kangaroo food. Then we walked over to the koala section and saw some koalas crawling on the trees. Next, we searched for the Tasmanian Devils, we just saw a vary small one that trotted back to his home.  We were going to see the eagles, but on the way, we stopped to feed a joey and its mother. But the joey crawled in its mother pouch (amazing!) I will never forget that sight!! Then we stopped to see an Emu, it looked like a small ostrich. Then we worked our way up to the wombats. They were really lazy, (unimpressive) so we decided to stop by the reptile house, we saw lots of pythons and really big snakes. We also spotted some really cute turtles and we made our way over to the snake show. The snake man told us about how to be safe when we see a snake. We all got tired and slowly went back home.



My family and I went to London! it was nice to get out of the heat of Abu Dhabi to the rainy days of London! We took a bus tour all around London we saw Big Ben Tower.   It was huge.  We also saw the Eye of London this huge ferris wheel looks over London. The next day we went to Hamleys it’s a huge toy store filled with all kinds of toys.  So my parents and I decided to check it out.   There were so many toys it was hard to chose but  I ended up choosing a Paddington Bear. My mom got us tickets for Billy Elliot.  We went to watch it on Monday night, it was fantastic!   It is about a young boy who lived in England but his mother has died.  His father and older brother are on strike from their job.  They are strict on Billy.  Billy  finds a way  to be free of the sadness he dances ballet.   When his dad finds out it is not pretty, but can Billy make his dad realize how much he loves dancing?  Watch this play to find out.

We went in to a breath taking museum of art and history.  We then  went to the Queen’s royal palace.   We saw body gurds walking back and forth and they were wearing funny hats.

But sadly we had to leave London at 4:00am “errrrrr” it was frustrating but I manage through the pain!!!

Grona Lund


My family and our friend Jason went to the amusement park in Sweden called Grona Lund. This was the third time Jason has come to an amusement park with us because he also came with us to Denmark and Finland amusement parks.
Dad and Jason went on the scariest ride first, it’s a purple roller coaster that has a weird pattern it has a fair few drops on it that are over the water and we could hear Dad screaming the whole time.
While they were on that I was on a baby ride with Mimi, one of those water rides.

Next we went on the big drop, Mum was so scared at first but when she finished she went on it again and she loved it.
Next I went on a red ride that you sit under the tracks it was really fun and fast and so after I went on it with Jason and Dad I made Mum go on it too and I went on it again.

Here are some photos of us at the amusement park.

After that I went on the biggest big drop in Europe it was even scarier, on the other side of that there was the tilt part of the ride and my Dad really freaked out, he was crying and sort of shaking at the end. Other rides I went on were the Jet Line, the giant swing, the Octopus, the Mad Mouse, the Rock Jet and heaps of little rides with my sister.

The starting of my trip


The starting of my trip to Portugal was a horrible start.
Our main door is half the size of a bedroom door and there are so many stairs to get to our floor even though we’re
on the third floor (the top floor) it’s really steep and high up (35 stairs).

Also the apartment is tiny and my sister and my bedroom is less than half the size of my bedroom and really just big enough for the bunk bed and NOTHING ELSE!
We arrived at the night of a special party all over Lisbon and there were people partying everywhere and blocking our way in the taxi in the little streets and nothing was really open so we had doner kebab.
We had no food the next morning so that was the main problem, nothing was open the only thing that was, was doner kebab so we had french fries and doner kebabs for breakfast again!
The street was covered with rubbish from all the parties the night before, my parents said it was just like New Years Day in places in Australia.
After breakfast we went to find a super market we found one in town and got everything we needed. And then the problem was solved I guess we were just hungry.

To be in international kid!


Since I’m an international kid I go on extreme traveling and this is one of those times. I just had the most longest journey in my whole entire life. In all the hours I was in the plane it added up to 36 hours. We took four airplanes. First we took an airplane called  Lufthansa and flew to the Frankfurt airport.  That was 7 hours. Then we had to wait 4 more hours. Then we got on the plane to New York.  It was 9 hours and we stayed in the airport for one hour. Then we had to get on another plane. I was exhausted  by then but I kept on saying to myself “you can do it” and so I did.  We flew over to Atlanta. We had so little time to get on the next flight, so we were running. On the way I got injured, I accidentally ran into the escalator and hurt my knee. Our last plane was from Atlanta to Lafayette, LA. There I got to see my Grandpa Pie and my Gram and my Grandpa. I enjoyed seeing them. It was all worth it.