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Your probably wondering what is Kidzania? Well its a kid world that you get to act like an adult and eat food your parents won’t like. So my parents decided I could go there. But one small problem: NO PARENTS ALLOWED!!!!! So I went with my friend Sophia and her brother Sam. At first we went to a real air plane. I got to be a pilot. I drove the plane around. Then next I was a fire fighter, we all went on a real fire truck and we went around Kidzania looking for fires! Next I went to be a dentist. I cleaned the teeth of a fake person, but it was still pretty cool. After that I went to Dunkin Doenuts and took a quick break. Then I was off to get my drivers license. I took the test and every thing! finally I got my driver license¬† and next I went car racing. VROOM!!! VROOM!!! went the car, the race had begun. I took off zooming past the others “yeah!!¬† I won ” I cried taking my helmet off. But the fun had to end soon. I was heading back to home. But I will never forget that day!!

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