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Winter break has finally reached us folks! No more tests, quizzes, or exams, no more homework pilling in our schedules. This is the time for real relaxation! Because my family and I, are big travellers it was only a matter of time before we went over to the beautiful Maldives in the Indian ocean. You have probably seen the classic island in the movies, with the white sand and crystal clear blue waters, and the towering palm trees. And guess what? It looks exactly like that!

We arrived at the airport to see a bunch of boats in the harbor, they call the “Taxi boats” and they take you to the hotels on the islands. The boats not only caught my attention, but the water! The water was a blue and as beautiful in the movies, I looked down and I could see the rocks on the bottom of the sea. We then climbed aboard a small speed boat and zoomed off to our hotel. We arrived to a warm welcome at the Holiday Inn, they took us to our room and let us get settled. Throughout the trip we snorkelled and saw lots of beautiful fish, with all sorts of colour and sizes. We fed them crackers and they started to circle us trying to get a piece cracker. I held out a piece of bread and watched in awe as a gorgeous fish swam up and started to nibble at my palm.

One night when we finished our dinner, and headed out to the beach, they started a shark feeding, in which they threw out meat to lure the sharks in so we could get a glimpse of the fascinating creatures. They causally swam up, careful of what might to come, they took the meat and quickly swam off.

This trip was a fantastic one, filled with many adventures and memories that I will always remember.

floating in Wyoming!!!!!


Me and my cousins, Luke and Tobey, went tubing. (And just to give you in over view of my cousins they argue like 24/7!) Anyway we drove down to Salt River, to go tubing. floating is where you sit in a tube and just float down the river. Lucky for us we got good weather, the sky was a brilliant baby blue, and the clouds where so white and fluffy they looked like a giant cotton candy ball. As soon as we got plastered on with a TON of sun screen, we set foot in the icy mountain water. OMG!!!!! That was super duper burning cold water! I tried to be cool about it, but I was sure after a couple of hours I was going to flip out! As soon as I was getting used to the tube, Luke got Caught in the river, and for some reason we started floating with out him. He was screaming for us, and we were all screaming for him. I was getting worried now, “Daddy, where is Luke!?” I said looking around for Luke. His dad found him and brought him back. I was still wondering what if that happened to me next? The rapids were very fast, the rushing water pushed you down this little water fall and down you went! We also had this little boat that you have to paddle to get moving. We stopped at a bank and I trudged up the rocks, I could not feel my feet, or my hands. I was shivering like a naked polar bear in the winter. So I got to paddle with Mary (Luke and Tobey’s mom) there sun on my body sent warm sparks through my body. After a couple of hours we finally got to the end of the river. We drove home but on the way we all got a delouse creamy milkshake for our hard work! 



This summer I went to Florida and to see my grandma. My mom signed me up for a surf camp, “salt water cowgirls!” (cool name) I was a little nervous if I was good surfer or not. When I got there I saw my instructor, she liked to be called “Sticks” and when everybody got to the beach we all introduced ou selves. We went trough the basics about holding you surf board and how to stand up on the board when your in the water. Sticks assigned us to different boards, I got assigned to L.P (Sticks named her boards ) and we carried them straight into the water.The waves were huge! I was scared I was going to flip over! Because in Nippers (another blog post) they had handles that you hold on to, but here there was no handles. It was my turn after practicing and practicing I finally got the hang of it. The next day, my dad started to video tape me I didn’t want him to video tape me falling down but he did it anyway.  I padded hard, the wave took me up and I balanced my feet on the board and I was cruising down the the beach. I DID IT!!!!! and my dad caught it all on tape! I started to do it over and over again but I slipped of my board and the fin of my board sliced my leg and formed a bruise around it (Ouch!) That isn’t the first bruise I got I have massive “battle scars” that’s what my instructor calls them. I had tons of fun!



Hannah, and me attended to a projram called Nippers. It is ware you get to learn about how to save peoples life, so the first part was to practise running into the water as fast as you can to save people’s life. But it was really hard becuse the Austrailan waves and current is so strong it was hard to swim and really cold!!!! One person’s leg terned purple she was so cold. But Me and Hannah pushed threw it, next it was time to practise saving peoples life with surf bords. The waves were so huge. While I was riding the wave I lose control… And the wave flipped me over and I hit my chin on the sand (ouch!) Hannah did the same thing! But day after day we started to get the hang of it! One day before the compition we all learned the way to do get the person to breathe properly so first, if you see a guy or a girl suffacating look for anything dangeris (jelly fish) The next step is to speak to the person “are you okay?’ if she or he dosen ‘t say anything back that means trouble.Ask  someone to help to.And you stay behind and watch out for him/her. Put your hands ontop of each other and put your hands in the middle of its chest and use a sraight arm to pump it, for 30 quik pumps,and tilt the head back open the mouth and see if their any blood or vomate,then do mouth to mouth. do till the person coughs or some one comes to help!!! The next day was the compition we swam and do races it was so fun! but sadly me and Hannah had to go back to our homes.

Swim Team!


Yahoo! I can’t believe I made the swim team. I was against a really fast swimmer that’s why I was extra nervous.  We were doing the free style when the swim team coach said “on your mark, get set, GO!”    I gracefully soared through the water like a bullet, but the girl was still in the lead.   It turned out that during every race I finished second. The last stoke of the day, was the backstroke.  tf is my best swimming stroke, but could I beat her?  Whoosh, we were off!  When I turned my head I was finally in front!  But she was gaining on me, so I pushed and swam the best I could.  At the end, I touched the wall first.  Yeah I did it, I made it on swim team!!

Swim Team


I tried out for the Swim Team for the first time and I didn’t get it but then I trained very hard and then tried out again this year and I got on. It’s very hard work doing all the exercises, you have to do some bops and do lots and lots of laps. A bop is where you just push up and down in the water with your arms in front of you on the side of the pool and it helps build your arm muscles. I probably swim about 800 metres in all at training and I have training every Monday and Thursday. On Sundays I have swim lessons with Lydia, she is a girl who is from my school and she is already on the swim team and she is very fast. Lydia helped me train to get on the swim team and I want to swim with her still because I like training with her and she comes to my house and we swim at Green Court where I live.

Here is a photo of me swimming in a lake in Finland with my friend Johannes.

When you are on the S.A.S. swim team you get to travel to places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia and so one day I might get to do that if I get fast enough.