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Me and my cousins all went to see a movie called Brave. I really wanted to see it and now I finally got the chance! My mom bought us all our own candy: I got, Reeses Pieces, Tobey got, Sour Patch,  and Luke got, M&Ms. (Thank you mom!) so we went in the movie theater, the movie theater, was old and small, and had weird commercials. When the movie finally started we had already finished the buttery goodness of  the movie popcorn. Brave was about a girl called Meredith who is a princess of a great kingdom, a sister of three little trouble makers, and a daughter of a great king and queen. But Meredith isn’t the princess that her mother wants her to be. One evening her mother tells her that she is getting married. And Meredith doesn’t want to do it. The tribes come from all around, to seek Meredithe’s hand. The tribes all hate each other, and then Meredith and her mother have a huge fight, and Meredith runs away. Meredith follows these magical whisps and they lead her to a cottage. The person who lives in the cottage is a witch. So Meredith insist that the witch grant her wish, and the witch gets all of her pots, and potions, and Meredith makes the wish….. To change her mom. To find out what happens watch the movie BRAVE!

floating in Wyoming!!!!!


Me and my cousins, Luke and Tobey, went tubing. (And just to give you in over view of my cousins they argue like 24/7!) Anyway we drove down to Salt River, to go tubing. floating is where you sit in a tube and just float down the river. Lucky for us we got good weather, the sky was a brilliant baby blue, and the clouds where so white and fluffy they looked like a giant cotton candy ball. As soon as we got plastered on with a TON of sun screen, we set foot in the icy mountain water. OMG!!!!! That was super duper burning cold water! I tried to be cool about it, but I was sure after a couple of hours I was going to flip out! As soon as I was getting used to the tube, Luke got Caught in the river, and for some reason we started floating with out him. He was screaming for us, and we were all screaming for him. I was getting worried now, “Daddy, where is Luke!?” I said looking around for Luke. His dad found him and brought him back. I was still wondering what if that happened to me next? The rapids were very fast, the rushing water pushed you down this little water fall and down you went! We also had this little boat that you have to paddle to get moving. We stopped at a bank and I trudged up the rocks, I could not feel my feet, or my hands. I was shivering like a naked polar bear in the winter. So I got to paddle with Mary (Luke and Tobey’s mom) there sun on my body sent warm sparks through my body. After a couple of hours we finally got to the end of the river. We drove home but on the way we all got a delouse creamy milkshake for our hard work! 

Greece part 2


Me and BFF Hannah were living summer to the fullest! Talk about 2 ice creams a day, going to the beaches, eating delouse greek food, and watching tons of TV!!!!!  Any way me and Hannah one evening were walking down the steep,  streets of Greece. Kim said that there was going to be a local party going on, with something about kids and fire. So we walked into the party, the lights were all hung on the trees, and many people were busy chattering away, not taking ANY notice of me and Hannah. So we sat and waited on a rock waiting for some signs of fire. But nothing came, so me and Hannah gave up and slumped back up to the restraunt. Sadly disappointed we told the grown ups what happend. But Kim was so sure that the party had to have some sort of ritual with fire, and she made us walk back down to the party with the her. As soon as we walked into the party we could see  we see the dancing flames sprouting up from the wood, and many kids running with full speed and leaping over them. For several seconds we stood there mouths open and trying to interrupt what we were seeing. Someone told my dad that this was a ritual that they do at the beginning of summer. We went along with it, and pretty soon we were in line for our turn to run into the burning, crackling fire. “Dad should we be doing this?!” I whispered. Me and Hannah, like any person would take another thought about this whole jumping over fire thing. “Syd, just do it” dad instructed, like a good sensible parent, letting their kids jump over fire. Finally the moment came, it was our turn. Me and hannah took a deep long breath and jumped. I had to say it was a splendid feeling. It felt like you were souring above a death trap, and feeling very powerful once you reached the other side. That night me and Hannah drove home with fire singes crisped around our flip-flops.



For summer vacation I made a quick pit stop to Greece before going to the States. Guess who came with me? My best-best friend in the entire world! HANNAH! They got there before we did and my mom thought of a great idea! we were all going to get matching bright blue t- shirts. So it was about 12:00 at night when we arrived at a gorgeous house with a sparking pool that was over on top of the mountain. Even though it was pitch black, you could still see the house’s lights flickering. And as alwasys. Kimbra was running up the driveway with that same dazzling smile. We got out of the taxi and then the same hugs and kisses and “Oh my look how tall you are” and “My you are big.” And she freaked out once she saw our matching T-shirts. I ran up the steps to the house and Hannah came down and we huged with tears in my eyes. So the parents sent us up to bed in the hot mosquitoes invested room, and whispered and talked about our lives till we all dozed of to sleep.

going back home for SUMMER!


When your me, going back home in the summer is somewhat a crazy reunion. Because I don’t live in the states, I see ALL of my friends and family in the packed summer. When I’m in AbuDhabi I don’t really think about America so much, but as I was getting on the plane I was so ready to come back.

4 things that I miss most about america:

1. My family because they always get together without me for christmas.

2. the magazines because I don’t have to worry about it being in another language.

3. shopping!!!!!

4. T.V because in AbuDhabi I get things late.



This summer I went to Florida and to see my grandma. My mom signed me up for a surf camp, “salt water cowgirls!” (cool name) I was a little nervous if I was good surfer or not. When I got there I saw my instructor, she liked to be called “Sticks” and when everybody got to the beach we all introduced ou selves. We went trough the basics about holding you surf board and how to stand up on the board when your in the water. Sticks assigned us to different boards, I got assigned to L.P (Sticks named her boards ) and we carried them straight into the water.The waves were huge! I was scared I was going to flip over! Because in Nippers (another blog post) they had handles that you hold on to, but here there was no handles. It was my turn after practicing and practicing I finally got the hang of it. The next day, my dad started to video tape me I didn’t want him to video tape me falling down but he did it anyway.  I padded hard, the wave took me up and I balanced my feet on the board and I was cruising down the the beach. I DID IT!!!!! and my dad caught it all on tape! I started to do it over and over again but I slipped of my board and the fin of my board sliced my leg and formed a bruise around it (Ouch!) That isn’t the first bruise I got I have massive “battle scars” that’s what my instructor calls them. I had tons of fun!

My Horse Riding Lessons


Ever since I was a little kid I have taken horse-riding lessons in Wyoming. This summer, horse I rode was called Valentine.  She was a golden horse but she died this past winter.  It was so sad, but my horse-riding teacher bought a different horse named Josie.  Josie is big brown horse and she had the cutest colt ever named Star.  Star is a gold color and likes to lick me.  However, my horse-riding teacher decided to let me ride a beautiful black and white horse named Vegas.  At our next lesson, Vegas and I went on a trail ride through the woods.  It was a little hard to move Vegas because he kept ducking his head to eat the grass.   It was a very nice end to my day.

Broadway Musical


Right now I’m in New York City. Me and my parents went to see the Broadway Musical called ‘MEMPHIS’! It won the Best Musical Award for 2010! The singers were so good at singing. It sounded like angles singing. My mom thought it was great because the actors were brilliant at acting. My dad said, “It was so enjoyable because the dance routines were unique and you never got bored of watching it.” Here are the main actors names: the two main characters are Chad Kimball as Huey and Montego Glover as Felicia. The story was about how black people and white people couldn’t be in love or they would get hurt. Also it was about how black music became popular with whites. But in the end they solved it with music! I loved watching a live show on Broadway!

Here is a YouTube video you can watch:

Karate Kid the movie


Movie Poster

I went to see the wonderful movie Karate Kid, with my drink and popcorn I was ready to go! It started to get dark it was time for the movie I could feel my legs shaking I was that excited! I challenged myself to watch the violent parts, but it was still an awesome movie, especially at the end when he did a back flip and smacked the enemy. “Yes!” I shouted, waving my hands in the air! I forgot there were people watching too. It was one of those times I will never forget!!! I love watching adventurous moveis like this one!     Check out the movie trailer below.

Karate Kid Movie Trailer

To be in international kid!


Since I’m an international kid I go on extreme traveling and this is one of those times. I just had the most longest journey in my whole entire life. In all the hours I was in the plane it added up to 36 hours. We took four airplanes. First we took an airplane called  Lufthansa and flew to the Frankfurt airport.  That was 7 hours. Then we had to wait 4 more hours. Then we got on the plane to New York.  It was 9 hours and we stayed in the airport for one hour. Then we had to get on another plane. I was exhausted  by then but I kept on saying to myself “you can do it” and so I did.  We flew over to Atlanta. We had so little time to get on the next flight, so we were running. On the way I got injured, I accidentally ran into the escalator and hurt my knee. Our last plane was from Atlanta to Lafayette, LA. There I got to see my Grandpa Pie and my Gram and my Grandpa. I enjoyed seeing them. It was all worth it.