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The starting of my trip


The starting of my trip to Portugal was a horrible start.
Our main door is half the size of a bedroom door and there are so many stairs to get to our floor even though we’re
on the third floor (the top floor) it’s really steep and high up (35 stairs).

Also the apartment is tiny and my sister and my bedroom is less than half the size of my bedroom and really just big enough for the bunk bed and NOTHING ELSE!
We arrived at the night of a special party all over Lisbon and there were people partying everywhere and blocking our way in the taxi in the little streets and nothing was really open so we had doner kebab.
We had no food the next morning so that was the main problem, nothing was open the only thing that was, was doner kebab so we had french fries and doner kebabs for breakfast again!
The street was covered with rubbish from all the parties the night before, my parents said it was just like New Years Day in places in Australia.
After breakfast we went to find a super market we found one in town and got everything we needed. And then the problem was solved I guess we were just hungry.