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Back to School Poem


Back to school is such a bore

I think I’m beginning to snore

I think I’ve gained some weight

From having fun and staying up late

Although school is not as fun

As playing games and lying in the sun

I think I should get used to this

‘Cause it’s 80 more days ’til I get more bliss

Even though it hasn’t even been 3 weeks I can tell that this is nothing close to being like fourth grade there are more teachers, more stuff to learn, more students, we get blogs and student email! Now that was the light side this is the dark side.

It has no connection to fifth grade at all more to the whole school it happens every year to every one, the back to school blues. During summer you got to eat when ever you wanted sleep when ever you wanted do jumping jacks when ever you wanted! Now there is a certain time and place for every thing. I can’t handle it! I don’t know how you’re doing but I can’t get over the blues…

Bye bye and I’ll see you when I get over it!



Poem for Sydney


This is a poem I wrote  in class. And I dedicate it to Sydney. I hope you enjoy.


I dreamed of her staying

But no

I can only see her once a year

Not every day like before

This year I can’t see her

I wish I could

I wish she’d come back

I want to see her smile, once again