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My New Room!!!


My room last year was terrifying! It was all pink and I had flower stickers all over my walls and pink everything it was so girly I did not like it. So I decide too change my room. “But, what theme?” I asked myself. Then I realized, that I’ve always wanted to have a ocean room. “Perfect!” I said. I drew some ideas first, then we painted my room an ocean blue. Next, we put some big fish stickers on my wall, so when I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is fish staring at me. And I put light blue curtins around my bed like shield. The next thing we got, was a pretty blue flower carpet. Finally, I putĀ  a funky bean bag in the middle of the floor plus I got cool ocean pictures of beaches and waves. So, that’s how I changed my room!!!!

Check out the cool video to see what it looks like.