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My family and I went to London! it was nice to get out of the heat of Abu Dhabi to the rainy days of London! We took a bus tour all around London we saw Big Ben Tower.   It was huge.  We also saw the Eye of London this huge ferris wheel looks over London. The next day we went to Hamleys it’s a huge toy store filled with all kinds of toys.  So my parents and I decided to check it out.   There were so many toys it was hard to chose but  I ended up choosing a Paddington Bear. My mom got us tickets for Billy Elliot.  We went to watch it on Monday night, it was fantastic!   It is about a young boy who lived in England but his mother has died.  His father and older brother are on strike from their job.  They are strict on Billy.  Billy  finds a way  to be free of the sadness he dances ballet.   When his dad finds out it is not pretty, but can Billy make his dad realize how much he loves dancing?  Watch this play to find out.

We went in to a breath taking museum of art and history.  We then  went to the Queen’s royal palace.   We saw body gurds walking back and forth and they were wearing funny hats.

But sadly we had to leave London at 4:00am “errrrrr” it was frustrating but I manage through the pain!!!