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Taylor Swift tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor Swift has released her new album red, I listen to it every single day. I’m a swiftie as many of you know from previous posts that I absolutely love Taylor Swift she is my role model and I’m a true fan. I begged and begged my parents for the red concert tickets, I HAD to have them! I NEEDED them! I told my dad for my birthday all I wanted is Taylor Swift concert ticket. I had chosen a bad time to break the news for that my dad was on his iPhone 5, (talking to siarrie) which he got for Christmas. I could tell from the absent look on his face that he did not hear ANY word I said. I decided to trust him and hope that he got the messege and was working on it. But soon I got anxious and wanted to make sure he was 100% working on this. So I did my part of reaserching and gave him he website and begged and begged and begged that I really wanted these concert tickets. He finally gave in, I was proud of myself and started back to clean up the kitchen. I heard my dad call my mom over, I could only hear their faint whispering, I sudenly got really exited and had to keep my cool. They both walked in and said………. “You now have Taylor Swift concert tickets.” I could barley contain my enthusiasm and started to jump around in circles yelling “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU”

My New Cat!!!!


I’ve had a few cats in my life. There was Omaley and he was such a lazy laid back cat, that kinda walked around our house like he was the king. And there was Ramsey, who was always looking for trouble, and would eventually end up falling into the bathtub! I dearly loved both of them, but Omaley had to be put down because he had a terrible gum disease. And Ramsey we had to give him away, because he was very depressed and he wanted to be outside but we lived in a apartment and so we gave him away to a family that had a backyard. All of these incidents caused days with oceans of tears, and I felt like I was just a horrible owner. But very recently me and my family have moved into a villa. And decided we could try to look for the right kind of cat. One day when I came back from my friends house, my parents sat me down at the table. “Sydney, we found some cats on the feline friends website, and they wanted us to give our quality’s in a cat.” My mom said, I was already glowing with excitement, “And we want you to fill it out.” Dad added, “Because we want you to take owner ship of this cat.” Mom concluded. So she handed me the computer that had questions written on it and a box to say yes or no. The type of quality’s in a cat that we were looking for were… Lazy, laid back, not hipper, and is loveable. My mom approved it and we sent it to feline friends. They got back to us a couple of days later with a list of cats. The one cat that caught my eye was Posh, a laid back cat, that is used to being left alone. So we set up a date to meet and visit Posh. As the days went by, we were contently thinking about her name. We didn’t want to keep it posh, and we had already thought about naming her Charles Wallice, but she’s a girl, so we had to think of something else. Out of all the names we had, we finally found one….. Mrs. Charles Wallice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its a mouth full, for a cats name, but we could not come with another unique name for her. Finally after grueling days of waiting and waiting finally the time was here,  possibly to  get my future cat! Ding! Dong! Went the door bell, me and my parents were standing outside the foster parents house. When they opened the door a beautiful cat welcomed us inside. She was white with orange spots on her back and tail. We sat on their coach and stroked her soft fur, and asked many questions on of she is, and what is she like.  Everything happened  so fast I barley knew what was going on. First my mom was talking about “The price”  but I was to busy admiring the cat I hardly noticed my parents grabbing the food and her litter box. “Mom whats happening?” I asked as she put the squirming cat in her cat box. “Weir taking her!” my mom exclaimed, I felt my heart pounding, would this be the cat? We piled all of her stuff in the car, and drove to our house. She was meowing and meowing like crazy! Till we opened the front door and let her roam our house. She sniffed every crack and corner and it felt like we had finally found the right cat, and it felt like she finally found the right home.

Fall Festival


Every year at ACS (my school) we have a Halloween party called fall festival. It is a really fun time were you go to all different kinds of booths, and get stacked up with yummy candy. I always wonder what I’m going to be, I don’t want to be what you see usually, like a vampire, a devil, or a zombie; I want something that will stand out so I did a lot of hard thinking….. I was going to be a French spy!!!! It did not take long. I just put jeans on, a black t.shirt/tanktop, a cool looking black hat, a fake mustache,and a water gun. I looked AWESOME. After we did the parade, I met up with my good friend Deanne, we stuffed our tummies full of lolly pops, chocolate, all of that stuff. Deanne said that we should go to the haunted house. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally freaked out by the haunted houses. I never liked the alone feeling I get, when a bunch of high school kids jump out at you with bloody faces. But I didn’t want to sound like a wimp, so I said yes. We walked to the doors with screaming and shouting. I felt my knees get all shaky and my palms got sweaty but I could not back out now. “Excuse me would you like not scary, medium scary, scary, or really scary?” asked the lady, but before I could reply, Deanne quickly said “We would like really scary” and gave her the tickets. I took a deep breath and walked through the doors. It was dark and paper bats got stuck in your hair while the screaming and banging was happening. I could sense that Deanne was scared too, “Your turn ” the lady said. I almost ran out of there, but Deanne kept a firm grip on my hand. We walked in it was pitch black dark. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” all these bizzare looking zombies came out and walked around or crawled on the floor. Me and Deanne just stood there so disappointed at not getting that, “scared out of your pants feeling”. So, me and Deanne walked out saying how not scary or thrilling it was. I guess I’m just getting older, I still had a wonderful time!



Note: Sydney wrote this post a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. (Her mom- the publishing monitor.)

It’s finally Easter! For this wonderful day, me , Sophia, Sam and Mark decorated many beautiful glittering eggs. We all went to bed in our houses, and the next morning  three cute bunnies made of yummy chocolate were standing outside my room! The Easter Bunny strikes again! I was invited to Sophia’s house to have a big Easter breakfast. So me and my parents walked upstairs to her house. The big table was filled up with a big breakfast! Waffles, juice and lots more. Then Sophia’s mom announced that we were going to have an Easter egg hunt! So me and Sophia and Sam grabbed our Easter baskets, and ran searching for eggs until there were no more eggs left. We went aside and counted our eggs. Sam had the most, I came in second and Sophia came third. It was the best Easter ever!

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For my birthday, my BIGGEST preasent was.. an  introduction to scuba diving! It’s where you get to practice and learn the tips and rules of scuba diving. So first me and my dad changed into our diving suits, and walked to the pool. We had to wait awhile because the other class was still in the pool. While they were in the pool, I was sitting with the instructor going over the rules of scuba diving.  He said the golden rule is to always breathe when your in the water. And lots of other interesting fatcs of scuba diving.  After the other class as gone we got into our gear like.. our flippers and the tanks (which were really heavy.) Then we went under water, I did it!!!! I was breathing through the snorkel. I put a hand signal saying I was all right.   Soon I got used to breathing under water so we practise cool tricks like how to pull back your snorkle when it falls out of your mouth, or if you run out of air.  But the pool had to be closed so we took a quick swim and then get out. We’ll finish the rest of the leason on Monday!!!!



yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It’s one day before my birthday! I can’t believe that I’m almost turning 10 the big one zero my dad likes to call it. For school I’m going to surprise everyone in my fourth grade class with cupcakes!! My mom is already making delicious vanilla cupcakes with a thick butter cream icing. Which are too yummy to stand it! And to top it all off were adding pink and white sprinkles because of Valentines Day.  The big question is the presents. I’m so exited to see them, so neatly packaged with bows and ribbons and balloons floating around!!! I’ve been daydreaming about it all day! But that’s not all!!  Tomorrow (my birthday) it’s music class so I get to wear the “birthday hat” which is a big fat hat with a design like a big cake with candles on it you get to wear when its your birthday like mine!! But you can’t have a birthday with out a big party so….. One party is going to be with my fourth grade friends at an ice rink then eat lunch. At five pm, my friends around the neighborhood are going to campout in my living room with Treasa, Lara, Sophia and me. Are going to watch Back To The Future!! A great movie about time travel. But sadly my fantastic birthday has to end. Till next year……….



Me and Sophia are doing gymastics. We went to Ms. Tanya’s class. First, we had to stretch. We touched our toes and flexed our muscles. Then we got out a ramp and some mats, and practiced summer saults, back summer saults, and hand stands. The back summer saults were really hard for me. So Mrs.Tanya had to help me I practised real hard and “One…..Two…..three…..Go!!!” I pushed myself, and I did a back summer sault! I kept doing it over and over again and got better and better at it. Soon it was time for the hand stand. Easy peasy! But not really for Sophia, but she kepted on trying. After that, Ms. Tanya brought out the jumping bourds and showed us how to use them. To do it. you run, then jump and bonce off the board and stick the landing with out wobbling. We started a compition. My team toatally won!! It was a good day, but it sadley had to end. My dad was so proud of me for doing this. Me too! Next week I will be doing gymnastics again.

(See that picture at the top? Someday I hope to do that in gymnastics.)

News Papers


Me and my friend Sophia love making news papers. We deliver them 6:30 sharp in the morning,this makes us happy because  we do something good to our neighbors and its fun to make up stories and share them with other people,  Here’s how you make them you need lots of papers cut out pitchers from newspapers and write funny stories.  But the stories dose not have to be true like sometimes I cut out a pitcher of a dog and I could say its a stray, (its not really) it makes it more interesting, we usually deliver them too people in our apportionment building, and sometimes we have to walk alote to get to places.But we have to be careful because our neighborhood is vary dirty with a lot of glass. And some boys are not really friendly to us. But that’s the price you pay for being the newspaper girls.

The Fall Festival


Fall Festival,  is a parade at my school were you have to dress up, like Halloween. There are some fun booths where you can win candy. I got a whole bag full! I dressed up as a mad evil scientist. Me and my mom put this hair gel on my hair to make it look like I was in an explosion.  I had two rubber gloves on my hands plus some cold slimy noodles for a brain that I carried around in a plastic bag.

One of my favorite booths was the sponge-throw at a teacher. If you hit the person, you would get a lot of candies. Mr. Schawamberger (our PE teacher ) was the person that had to get hit, so I said that I would throw it at him. I got three chances. The first one missed, but the second one made it. “Whooooooooo!” I said as I got the candy.

It was a perfect end to a perfect day, at the Fall Festival!

The Boat Ride


I went on a boat ride in Abu Dhabi with my friends Laura,Tressa, Mark, Lucas, their parents, my mom and dad, and last but not least, Polly the dog. We all went to one of the islands in Abu Dhabi called Crabby Island because it has lots of crabs. We also had a barbecue. Me and the girls rode with the surf board out in the sea. There were major waves, soon it was time too have dinner, grilled chicken and lots of cookies. Then we played on this cool boat. It had a bedroom, shower, kitchen and a deck. But soon something was happening in the water, it was pulling us. “It’s a current” I said to my friends. So we made up this game were you had to jump off the deck and the current would pull you and you had to grab a hold on the rope before the current took you far away. But as the day rolled by, the current grew stronger. I got whisked away. I took a risk and swam against the current. It took me forever to get there! Well…close to the rope. But Mark has really tall legs, so I grabbed his leg and he pulled me up. It was really fun. Soon it was time to go back home. On the way back, the waves were insane. They were so big I was scared!!! But it was still a perfect day!!!!!!!!