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At school there was a Halloween party for the fourth grade.
Its always so fun.
We play lots of games and win cool prizes,but first all of the school has a Halloween parade.
Of course we have our costumes on, this year I was a genie.
We parade all over the school one of my friends was a bag of jelly beans!
And one was a cowgirl.The fourth grade had a costume competition.
Each class had a vote on which costume they like the most.My friend Janie won.She got to get in a
competition with the winners of other classes.

After recces we would have the party.
First I went to Mrs. Cole’s room, her activity was making cupcakes and watching Thriller I thought it was really scary.

Next we did the relay racing, it is where you pick out a name from a bucket, you dress up as a witch and you run to the other side where you pick out the item that is on the card, then you run back, take off your costume and give it to the next person in line. The first team who has everyone sitting in line, is the winner. Each team got a bag of silly bands for participating, it was fun.

Then we went to my teacher’s class, she is called Mrs. Lau, she had a disco light and we were going to dance to Thriller. First she showed us our dance and then after that we would use it with music and then next we would do it with the disco lights, that was the most fun.

When we were finished in Mrs. Lau’s room we went next door and my dad was telling the scary stories, it wasn’t really that scary except for the scary toe, that was a bit scary, and everyone said that wasn’t too scary but then at the end, my Dad said arghhhhhhhhhh really loudly and everyone jumped, some people said they didn’t but they did.

The last station we went to we had a mystery box and everyone enjoyed that because it was really gross and the most Halloweeny. First she told us about all the witches and how they didn’t read so their brains and their intestines were all mushy, then there were lots of mystery boxes so we all went around the classroom putting our hands in these gross boxes, I think the mushy brain was jello but I’m not sure and the hard firm brain was roast beef, the intestines were noodles.

We also got to decorate our body’s with tattoos.

It was the best halloween party ever (so far).