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Shanghai Ocean World Aquarium


My Nanna is visiting from Australia and today Nanna and I went to the Aquarium. We got there by the metro with my Mum and my sister then they went to the Doctors because Mimi was sick. First we went to the ticket counter and bought our tickets and then went inside and scanned our tickets on the scanning machine, like the one we used on the metro, then we went down the escalator and saw heaps of beautiful pictures of fish on the walls.

We entered a room full of lots of fish and habitats for different fish. First we went to a tank with a couple of rocks and some very big fish inside. To me they looked like catfish. Then we went to a place that had a rock fall and waterfall that we could look over at. We saw salt water crocodiles and a few ducks. Salt water crocodiles are very small. The ducks swam all around the salt water crocodiles but didn’t go near them and then went to the other side, I think the ducks were very smart to do that.

We went to different habitats around the room then exited,we went to the room next door and saw an over head tank.The tank went down and a escalator went down with it we saw lots of different fish most of them were small there was barely any big fish. The next room was big first we saw a great big sword fish, the next exhibit had turtles and some big fish we spent some time there to watch the turtles swim around, it was very cute.

In the next room we saw the worlds longest travelator we got on and off we went. I think it was the greatest.

I can now use photo peach by myself because my mum showed me so many times and here is a slide show that i made all by myself.

Aquarium on PhotoPeach