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Sorry I haven’t posted this when it actually occurred but I thought I should write about it.

Thailand 2013, Me and my family got together with our beloved friends, Hannah and her family of course! We met up in Thailand. This vacation was filled with mangos, ice-cream, beach days, and some pool action, and loads of sunscreen :). When we weren’t outside in the rolling waves of the sea, or the pool, me and Hannah were relaxing on the couch watching the Cosbey show. (It looks like we always watch old TV shows when we get together, like in Australia we watched Get Smart, and in Greece we watched I Love Lucy.) We saw fantastic elephants and was let to feed them the bananas that they like, we also had fun shopping at the market places.

When Hannah left, Me and my family still had a week left in Thailand to enjoy. So me and my dad decided to get our scuba divers licence. With many stuff to learn, we spent hours learning all the things to do when your under the water. We passed the tests, and it was time to REALLY test our abilities, with going on a actual scuba trip out in the ocean. I was feeling pretty nervous! What if something went wrong? What if I ran out of air? What if some shark decided I was his snack? I stopped the silly “What if”s and put on my gear to get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! I dove in the cold water, I opened my eyes to see a whole world of coral and swimming fish. We sank down, down, down into the deep blue. It was the most fantastic experience I have ever done before!!!

Nights in Vamos


In Greece to celebrate the beginning of spring kids go out into the fields and make wreathes with flowers and grass. Fortunately for Sydney and I we got to celebrate the end of spring and the beginning of summer in Vamos this is when we burn the wreathes and the children of each village go to where the party is being held in their village and we jump over the fire groups.

Of course I won’t do this I said to myself its crazy! 5 minutes later “On your marks get set go!” Syd and I said together and off we went we were to the sides of the fire on our first try. But later on we were smack in the middle and as the fire rose our faces went through the flames as well it was a very fun experience.When the fire died down we moved from the streets to the stage which is the centre of attention to watch some dancing. That night is one of the funnest that I have had all holiday. And it is one that I won’t forget.

A week earlier in Vamos Sydney and I went to Ms. Koulas cooking class to learn how to make some traditional Greek dishes. Ms. Koula is a very nice lady who explained the steps very well.  In total we made 5 dishes. The cheese pies were my favorite and we also made Dalmadaes wich are stuffed vine leafs with rice inside.  We also made the traditional Greek salad, Beetroot salad made with Greek yoghourt, and our last dish was Cretan pasta with rooster, (also can be substituted with chicken.) Simon and Jen came with us it was a very fun experience. With all the food that we made it was a feast fit for a king. I will definitely be making these dishes in Shanghai!

Mud Fight


I was over at my friends house their name is Isabelle and Abigail. Anyway, they talked me into going outside in my swim suit and playing in the rain with them. Bad idea. It was freezing cold and pouring. What they didn’t mention was that there was mud involved. We all started drawing mud pictures on our legs and back. Then the mud fight started there was mud flying here and there and everywhere!

It was definitely a sight worth seeing. Then to clean ourselves off we jumped in puddles and went to the lake and jumped in them it was freezing cold! We dunked our faces in the water, well I didn’t but they did I was way to chicken. We splashed water on each other and cracked ourselves up. Isabelle left early to get into the warm shower but Abigail and I stayed behind to have some more fun.

We were heading back to the house and then noticed our jackets were still muddy so we got to another part of the lake and dunked them in but we were too high up so we had to get back in the water to clean them. At that point we both decided we had to put our heads under water for 5 seconds and I did it. It felt like I was in Antarctica. As we walked back people stared at us like we were aliens from Mars. When we got back we were instantly in Hawaii.



Man, this years Halloween was super fun. The fifth grade had a special surprise for the rest of the school. The wizard of OZ theme! It was super cool. All the students who wanted to participate could either be a flying monkey or a munchkin I chose to be a munchkin. All the munchkins got fake lollipops that were ginormous! It looked so cool. The Halloween parade was a highlight but the star of the show was… the Halloween party! It was really fun because there were four stations and my favorites were the snack station and the dance station. We just had a unit on nutrition so the snack station was healthy. We had healthy cupcakes and the secret ingredients were pumpkin and yoghurt. They tasted just like any other cupcake. I also liked the dance station because 1 I love dancing and 2 we got to learn the actual dance moves from the music video THRILLER!

After school was even better because we went trick or treating and I didn’t stay in my compound. I went to Willowbrook for a street party with Abby. Afterwards we went trick or treating in Willowbrook. They had the best candy ever! After that we went to green court at 7pm and raided the last of it, only 4 houses were still open so it was not as much fun but we still got a lot of candy and it was truly THE BEST HALLOWEEN (so far.)

Back to School Poem


Back to school is such a bore

I think I’m beginning to snore

I think I’ve gained some weight

From having fun and staying up late

Although school is not as fun

As playing games and lying in the sun

I think I should get used to this

‘Cause it’s 80 more days ’til I get more bliss

Even though it hasn’t even been 3 weeks I can tell that this is nothing close to being like fourth grade there are more teachers, more stuff to learn, more students, we get blogs and student email! Now that was the light side this is the dark side.

It has no connection to fifth grade at all more to the whole school it happens every year to every one, the back to school blues. During summer you got to eat when ever you wanted sleep when ever you wanted do jumping jacks when ever you wanted! Now there is a certain time and place for every thing. I can’t handle it! I don’t know how you’re doing but I can’t get over the blues…

Bye bye and I’ll see you when I get over it!



Poem for Sydney


This is a poem I wrote  in class. And I dedicate it to Sydney. I hope you enjoy.


I dreamed of her staying

But no

I can only see her once a year

Not every day like before

This year I can’t see her

I wish I could

I wish she’d come back

I want to see her smile, once again

Hip Hop Hannah


My ASA (after school activity) was super fun and I am glad that I didn’t take the assembly fun activity because I had a great time with Vincent and Ms. Lau working the dance moves and at the end of the year we are going to put on a big dance with the middle school and high school students and I am so excited because it was the best ASA I have ever done.



Have you ever wondered why Chinese  people light fireworks? Well I’m going to tell you the story behind that.

Long ago in ancient China every new year the people of the villages would hide up in the mountains to get away from Nian, if they stayed down there Nian would eat their child and their houses would be destroyed. So instead of celebrating they stayed in the mountains.

Then one year an old man came walking through the villages and there he saw an old lady she said “Quick go to the mountains,hide from Nian!” And the old man replied “I shall stay at your house and scare away Nian for you all.” So the man stayed the night. When Nian came the man was prepared. Nian heard loud noises coming from a door so he went to investigate.Then when he arrived at the door the doors swung open and there was the man dressed in red and red was everywhere and fireworks flew to the sky! Nian got so scared he flew away. The reason the man did that stuff is because he knew Nian was afraid of light, loud noises, and red.

Soon after that, all the villagers came down from the mountains and thanked the old man for everything. But he told them “Every new year when Nian is supposed to come, wear red and light fireworks.” Then off the man went never to be seen again.

Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year is coming up and I’m very excited. My family isn’t going anywhere so we’re staying in Shanghai. The down side to staying here is that all night you hear “BANG,BOOM,BANG!” it is so annoying! I never get any sleep and smoke fills the sky! The upside is that it’s so pretty in the  sky!

This year is the year of the Rabbit (2011). That means in 2 years it will be the year of the snake, my year! (2013) Did you know that the new year is in February?I’m also very exited for the 1 week break coming up. My Ayi bought us some big fireworks. One has colour with sparks, one has 3000 just bangs, and one you can run around and hold! I’m very thrilled for the new year’s holiday. I have a feeling its going to be great.And to top it off I’m having a sleepover at Elizabeths house.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!

Questions For Santa!


1.         How many elves do you have?

2.        What’s the maximum number of presents you give?

3.        How old are you?

4.       How long have you known Mrs.Claus?

5.       What is your favorite color?

6.       What is your favorite meal?

7.       Is there internet in the North Pole?

8.      Whats your favorite reindeer?

9.       What do you do in your free time?

10.     What does Mrs.Claus make for you?

P.S. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth for the 27th of December!!!