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My family got two hamsters on Sunday 1st of August at a nearby pet shop called “Doggy House.”

One of the hamsters is bigger than the other one and we read on the internet that two boy hamsters together could cause a fight and when one wins the other dies so at first I kept asking if we should take the big one back because it seemed to be a bully but Mum said wait and see.

The cage is really cool because on the top of the cage is a small second floor.  a ladder leads up there and the hamsters are pretty happy in their new cage. They especially like running in the running wheel, they go so so fast and it is really funny to watch but they mainly play at night time and they get really noisy. Dad put Olive Oil on the wheel to stop it from squeaking so much.

We’re calling the big one (Mimi’s  hamster) Ash and the little one (my hamster) Shadow. I like the names as they really suit them because of their color, gray.

(We decided to keep the big one.) I will put a photo on later when we take some photos.