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Man, this years Halloween was super fun. The fifth grade had a special surprise for the rest of the school. The wizard of OZ theme! It was super cool. All the students who wanted to participate could either be a flying monkey or a munchkin I chose to be a munchkin. All the munchkins got fake lollipops that were ginormous! It looked so cool. The Halloween parade was a highlight but the star of the show was… the Halloween party! It was really fun because there were four stations and my favorites were the snack station and the dance station. We just had a unit on nutrition so the snack station was healthy. We had healthy cupcakes and the secret ingredients were pumpkin and yoghurt. They tasted just like any other cupcake. I also liked the dance station because 1 I love dancing and 2 we got to learn the actual dance moves from the music video THRILLER!

After school was even better because we went trick or treating and I didn’t stay in my compound. I went to Willowbrook for a street party with Abby. Afterwards we went trick or treating in Willowbrook. They had the best candy ever! After that we went to green court at 7pm and raided the last of it, only 4 houses were still open so it was not as much fun but we still got a lot of candy and it was truly THE BEST HALLOWEEN (so far.)

Fall Festival


Every year at ACS (my school) we have a Halloween party called fall festival. It is a really fun time were you go to all different kinds of booths, and get stacked up with yummy candy. I always wonder what I’m going to be, I don’t want to be what you see usually, like a vampire, a devil, or a zombie; I want something that will stand out so I did a lot of hard thinking….. I was going to be a French spy!!!! It did not take long. I just put jeans on, a black t.shirt/tanktop, a cool looking black hat, a fake mustache,and a water gun. I looked AWESOME. After we did the parade, I met up with my good friend Deanne, we stuffed our tummies full of lolly pops, chocolate, all of that stuff. Deanne said that we should go to the haunted house. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally freaked out by the haunted houses. I never liked the alone feeling I get, when a bunch of high school kids jump out at you with bloody faces. But I didn’t want to sound like a wimp, so I said yes. We walked to the doors with screaming and shouting. I felt my knees get all shaky and my palms got sweaty but I could not back out now. “Excuse me would you like not scary, medium scary, scary, or really scary?” asked the lady, but before I could reply, Deanne quickly said “We would like really scary” and gave her the tickets. I took a deep breath and walked through the doors. It was dark and paper bats got stuck in your hair while the screaming and banging was happening. I could sense that Deanne was scared too, “Your turn ” the lady said. I almost ran out of there, but Deanne kept a firm grip on my hand. We walked in it was pitch black dark. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” all these bizzare looking zombies came out and walked around or crawled on the floor. Me and Deanne just stood there so disappointed at not getting that, “scared out of your pants feeling”. So, me and Deanne walked out saying how not scary or thrilling it was. I guess I’m just getting older, I still had a wonderful time!

The Fall Festival


Fall Festival,  is a parade at my school were you have to dress up, like Halloween. There are some fun booths where you can win candy. I got a whole bag full! I dressed up as a mad evil scientist. Me and my mom put this hair gel on my hair to make it look like I was in an explosion.  I had two rubber gloves on my hands plus some cold slimy noodles for a brain that I carried around in a plastic bag.

One of my favorite booths was the sponge-throw at a teacher. If you hit the person, you would get a lot of candies. Mr. Schawamberger (our PE teacher ) was the person that had to get hit, so I said that I would throw it at him. I got three chances. The first one missed, but the second one made it. “Whooooooooo!” I said as I got the candy.

It was a perfect end to a perfect day, at the Fall Festival!