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Winter break has finally reached us folks! No more tests, quizzes, or exams, no more homework pilling in our schedules. This is the time for real relaxation! Because my family and I, are big travellers it was only a matter of time before we went over to the beautiful Maldives in the Indian ocean. You have probably seen the classic island in the movies, with the white sand and crystal clear blue waters, and the towering palm trees. And guess what? It looks exactly like that!

We arrived at the airport to see a bunch of boats in the harbor, they call the “Taxi boats” and they take you to the hotels on the islands. The boats not only caught my attention, but the water! The water was a blue and as beautiful in the movies, I looked down and I could see the rocks on the bottom of the sea. We then climbed aboard a small speed boat and zoomed off to our hotel. We arrived to a warm welcome at the Holiday Inn, they took us to our room and let us get settled. Throughout the trip we snorkelled and saw lots of beautiful fish, with all sorts of colour and sizes. We fed them crackers and they started to circle us trying to get a piece cracker. I held out a piece of bread and watched in awe as a gorgeous fish swam up and started to nibble at my palm.

One night when we finished our dinner, and headed out to the beach, they started a shark feeding, in which they threw out meat to lure the sharks in so we could get a glimpse of the fascinating creatures. They causally swam up, careful of what might to come, they took the meat and quickly swam off.

This trip was a fantastic one, filled with many adventures and memories that I will always remember.



Me and my cousins all went to see a movie called Brave. I really wanted to see it and now I finally got the chance! My mom bought us all our own candy: I got, Reeses Pieces, Tobey got, Sour Patch,  and Luke got, M&Ms. (Thank you mom!) so we went in the movie theater, the movie theater, was old and small, and had weird commercials. When the movie finally started we had already finished the buttery goodness of  the movie popcorn. Brave was about a girl called Meredith who is a princess of a great kingdom, a sister of three little trouble makers, and a daughter of a great king and queen. But Meredith isn’t the princess that her mother wants her to be. One evening her mother tells her that she is getting married. And Meredith doesn’t want to do it. The tribes come from all around, to seek Meredithe’s hand. The tribes all hate each other, and then Meredith and her mother have a huge fight, and Meredith runs away. Meredith follows these magical whisps and they lead her to a cottage. The person who lives in the cottage is a witch. So Meredith insist that the witch grant her wish, and the witch gets all of her pots, and potions, and Meredith makes the wish….. To change her mom. To find out what happens watch the movie BRAVE!

Soul Surfer The Movie


Me and my cousins were having a sleep over, and we watched a movie called Soul Surfer. Its based on a true story. We all grabbed our cozy blankets and popcorn. Soon the movie started, it was about a girl who LOVES to surf. One day when she’s surfing, she gets attacked by a shark! She lost 60% of her blood. She did not die, but she did lose her arm. If that happened to me I would be so scared
to get back in the water but she wants to surf in the contest with or without an arm. She struggles to make that dream a reality, it took hard training, and patience. Will she win or will her dreams of becoming a pro surfer get ruin…. Watch the movie to find out.Soul Surfer Trailer

Home Alone The Movie


Me and my dad watched the moves Home Alone 1 and 2. They were so good. Let me tell you about Home Alone 1. It is about a boy named Kevin, and its Christmas time.They are getting ready to go to Paris, but Kevin thinks he doesn’t want his family (but he really does) and the next morning when their on the airplane, the mom  suddenly realizes that they forgot Kevin at home!! When Kevin finds out, that he’s alone, its awesome! He is in charge of the whole house, until these creepy people named Harry and Marv (burgers) show up. Their target is Kevin’s house.  What will he do to stop them? Watch this movie to find out! Here is a trailer of the movie Home Alone.