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Book Review: Divergent Series


I am a huge reader. I love books that are placed in a “Utopia” because its very fascinating to see what twisted society looks like in the book. I have a hard time (As most people do) finding the right sort of book for me. Well I found the Divergent series, and this series really KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF. The first book is called Divergent, the second one is called Insurgent and the last one is called Allegiant. If you haven’t already read these series, I’m going to give you a quick insight of what this story is about:

4 factions make up the city in Chicago USA, with the “Fence” outlining the city boundaries to keep everyone in, people who turn the age of 16 gets to decide where they belong, Candor: The faction of honesty and trustworthy, Erudite: The faction of smarts and knowledge, Amity: The faction of kindness, and caring, and Dauntless: The faction for the brave and courageous. Tris prior needs to decide where she really belongs and choosing between doing what is right and what her heart tells her to do. This story well really have you hanging on, a roller coster as you read about Tris Priors life.

Please, please, please, please read this book, I promise that it will be worth it!



Winter break has finally reached us folks! No more tests, quizzes, or exams, no more homework pilling in our schedules. This is the time for real relaxation! Because my family and I, are big travellers it was only a matter of time before we went over to the beautiful Maldives in the Indian ocean. You have probably seen the classic island in the movies, with the white sand and crystal clear blue waters, and the towering palm trees. And guess what? It looks exactly like that!

We arrived at the airport to see a bunch of boats in the harbor, they call the “Taxi boats” and they take you to the hotels on the islands. The boats not only caught my attention, but the water! The water was a blue and as beautiful in the movies, I looked down and I could see the rocks on the bottom of the sea. We then climbed aboard a small speed boat and zoomed off to our hotel. We arrived to a warm welcome at the Holiday Inn, they took us to our room and let us get settled. Throughout the trip we snorkelled and saw lots of beautiful fish, with all sorts of colour and sizes. We fed them crackers and they started to circle us trying to get a piece cracker. I held out a piece of bread and watched in awe as a gorgeous fish swam up and started to nibble at my palm.

One night when we finished our dinner, and headed out to the beach, they started a shark feeding, in which they threw out meat to lure the sharks in so we could get a glimpse of the fascinating creatures. They causally swam up, careful of what might to come, they took the meat and quickly swam off.

This trip was a fantastic one, filled with many adventures and memories that I will always remember.

Mud Fight


I was over at my friends house their name is Isabelle and Abigail. Anyway, they talked me into going outside in my swim suit and playing in the rain with them. Bad idea. It was freezing cold and pouring. What they didn’t mention was that there was mud involved. We all started drawing mud pictures on our legs and back. Then the mud fight started there was mud flying here and there and everywhere!

It was definitely a sight worth seeing. Then to clean ourselves off we jumped in puddles and went to the lake and jumped in them it was freezing cold! We dunked our faces in the water, well I didn’t but they did I was way to chicken. We splashed water on each other and cracked ourselves up. Isabelle left early to get into the warm shower but Abigail and I stayed behind to have some more fun.

We were heading back to the house and then noticed our jackets were still muddy so we got to another part of the lake and dunked them in but we were too high up so we had to get back in the water to clean them. At that point we both decided we had to put our heads under water for 5 seconds and I did it. It felt like I was in Antarctica. As we walked back people stared at us like we were aliens from Mars. When we got back we were instantly in Hawaii.



Note: Sydney wrote this post a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. (Her mom- the publishing monitor.)

It’s finally Easter! For this wonderful day, me , Sophia, Sam and Mark decorated many beautiful glittering eggs. We all went to bed in our houses, and the next morning  three cute bunnies made of yummy chocolate were standing outside my room! The Easter Bunny strikes again! I was invited to Sophia’s house to have a big Easter breakfast. So me and my parents walked upstairs to her house. The big table was filled up with a big breakfast! Waffles, juice and lots more. Then Sophia’s mom announced that we were going to have an Easter egg hunt! So me and Sophia and Sam grabbed our Easter baskets, and ran searching for eggs until there were no more eggs left. We went aside and counted our eggs. Sam had the most, I came in second and Sophia came third. It was the best Easter ever!

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Me and Sophia are doing gymastics. We went to Ms. Tanya’s class. First, we had to stretch. We touched our toes and flexed our muscles. Then we got out a ramp and some mats, and practiced summer saults, back summer saults, and hand stands. The back summer saults were really hard for me. So Mrs.Tanya had to help me I practised real hard and “One…..Two…..three…..Go!!!” I pushed myself, and I did a back summer sault! I kept doing it over and over again and got better and better at it. Soon it was time for the hand stand. Easy peasy! But not really for Sophia, but she kepted on trying. After that, Ms. Tanya brought out the jumping bourds and showed us how to use them. To do it. you run, then jump and bonce off the board and stick the landing with out wobbling. We started a compition. My team toatally won!! It was a good day, but it sadley had to end. My dad was so proud of me for doing this. Me too! Next week I will be doing gymnastics again.

(See that picture at the top? Someday I hope to do that in gymnastics.)