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Me and my mom went to the library to watch the  movie “End of the line.” It was about people that were over-fishing, and fishing so much that some kinds of fish are almost extinct! They were over fishing beyond the boundaries, and some fish like the Thailand Cat Fish and Bluefin Tuna, are almost extinct. The movie told us that if we do not stop over-fishing the ocean will be unbalanced because we are fishing way too fast. The result will be that big fish will not have a chance to make more babies, and that leaves all the big fish extinct and the the smaller fish will increse. After the movie, a few scientists came and talked to us about how to save the fish. They said you don’t have to stop eating fish, you just have to be aware of what kinds of fish you buy. I really enjoyed wachng the movie and I hope things get beter with fishing! (You can learn more by going to

When I Caught My First Fish


I’m in the beautiful countryside of Wyoming with my grandparents. We went fishing in the Aspen Hills pond.  I learned how to cast the fishing line out.   We waited and waited and we waited. Nothing even botherd to bite.  We were almost ready to give up but somthing pulled and tugged then I pulled it out.   It was a huge trout!  So I put it in a bag and went to my Grandma’s house.   The way my Grandpa taught to hold a fish is to put my finger inside of the fish’s gills (ewwww).  That night we ate the trout for dinner.