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Making Dinner


This year, because I’m going to middle school, my mother decided I’m old enough to cook dinner once a week. Now we all know that Hannah is the big cooker here, and me, well lets just say I’m don’t enjoy it as much. Well yesterday night I had my first ever mission….. I had to make Fajitas. So I put on my apron and headed into our small kitchen. My mom was going to be there to help me out.

First things you’ll need

1. Chicken breasts

2. A red pepper and green pepper.

3. One white onion.

4. Tony’s (Optional)

5. Sour cream

6. Salsa

So that’s all the ingredients for the recipe. As I was cooking the meat, I noticed cooking was a lot of work. My mom ordered me to the sink, easily  a thousand times to wash my hands after I touched the chicken. And  and when I cutting the fat off the chicken it was so slimy and tough, and my knife kept on slipping. So put the pan on the stove, drizzled a bit of olive oil, and put the chicken on the pan. Still watching them sizzle on the pan, I diced up the peppers and the onion. And put them in a separate pan, next to the sizzling chicken. Then we got out the salsa, the cheese and the sour cream. I love sour cream, I had major will power not to eat some. When the chicken and vegetables were done I was the first to jump in and grab some food. The next thing I did, was eat and stuff my face.


When I Caught My First Fish


I’m in the beautiful countryside of Wyoming with my grandparents. We went fishing in the Aspen Hills pond.  I learned how to cast the fishing line out.   We waited and waited and we waited. Nothing even botherd to bite.  We were almost ready to give up but somthing pulled and tugged then I pulled it out.   It was a huge trout!  So I put it in a bag and went to my Grandma’s house.   The way my Grandpa taught to hold a fish is to put my finger inside of the fish’s gills (ewwww).  That night we ate the trout for dinner.