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Have you ever wondered why ChineseĀ  people light fireworks? Well I’m going to tell you the story behind that.

Long ago in ancient China every new year the people of the villages would hide up in the mountains to get away from Nian, if they stayed down there Nian would eat their child and their houses would be destroyed. So instead of celebrating they stayed in the mountains.

Then one year an old man came walking through the villages and there he saw an old lady she said “Quick go to the mountains,hide from Nian!” And the old man replied “I shall stay at your house and scare away Nian for you all.” So the man stayed the night. When Nian came the man was prepared. Nian heard loud noises coming from a door so he went to investigate.Then when he arrived at the door the doors swung open and there was the man dressed in red and red was everywhere and fireworks flew to the sky! Nian got so scared he flew away. The reason the man did that stuff is because he knew Nian was afraid of light, loud noises, and red.

Soon after that, all the villagers came down from the mountains and thanked the old man for everything. But he told them “Every new year when Nian is supposed to come, wear red and light fireworks.” Then off the man went never to be seen again.

Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year is coming up and I’m very excited. My family isn’t going anywhere so we’re staying in Shanghai. The down side to staying here is that all night you hear “BANG,BOOM,BANG!” it is so annoying! I never get any sleep and smoke fills the sky! The upside is that it’s so pretty in theĀ  sky!

This year is the year of the Rabbit (2011). That means in 2 years it will be the year of the snake, my year! (2013) Did you know that the new year is in February?I’m also very exited for the 1 week break coming up. My Ayi bought us some big fireworks. One has colour with sparks, one has 3000 just bangs, and one you can run around and hold! I’m very thrilled for the new year’s holiday. I have a feeling its going to be great.And to top it off I’m having a sleepover at Elizabeths house.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!