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This year Mrs. Brooks (my music teacher) decided to make a play, based on the stories of Frog and Toad.  I was not in the play, but my friend Sophia was and she was a squirrel! It was about a frog and a toad and their exciting year.  In the beginning of the year the birds come back and wake up Frog and Toad from their long hibernation. But when Frog wakes up he sees the snails that deliver letters.  Toad is so sad because he never ever gets a letter!  So Frog writes him one and Toad is overjoyed! Then Frog wants Toad to come in the beautiful summer water with her.  But Toad thinks he looks funny in a bathing suit, which they sing a whole song about it. Then comes fall and both Frog and Toad want to rake up each others yard for a wonderful surprise! But the mean little squirrels mess up the leaves. Next comes winter, which sends
Frog and Toad climbing up a steep mountain. They ended up on a very scare ride down the hill (That was my favorite part).   Soon it was time for the most beautiful part of all… CHRISTMAS!!! The snow was gently falling down, and presents were given.  All the animals came and sang a wonderful carol.  But, Toad and Frog have to go back to their hibernation. That was the end of the play.  I bought Sophia some flowers for a gift and went back home.

Swim Team!


Yahoo! I can’t believe I made the swim team. I was against a really fast swimmer that’s why I was extra nervous.  We were doing the free style when the swim team coach said “on your mark, get set, GO!”    I gracefully soared through the water like a bullet, but the girl was still in the lead.   It turned out that during every race I finished second. The last stoke of the day, was the backstroke.  tf is my best swimming stroke, but could I beat her?  Whoosh, we were off!  When I turned my head I was finally in front!  But she was gaining on me, so I pushed and swam the best I could.  At the end, I touched the wall first.  Yeah I did it, I made it on swim team!!