Slam Poem


Now for a quick change of perspective…

This is the Slam Poem I wrote and preformed today! I really enjoyed writing and preforming this, ans who knows? Maybe I’ll post a video of it!?!

It is Stupid

It is stupid

To think that someday 

You could be loved

You could be happily married

With six kids

And a beautiful cottage

On Walnut Street

If you ever have a bad day

Love will pick you up like a train and take you far away

It will take you somewhere you have never been

Or maybe just back to Walnut Street

It is stupid to think about that

In 7th Grade 

It is stupid

Being in 7th Grade

And thinking

Love will come

You will feel it


It is stupid that as

Unexpected, and fun

As it can be

Love will surprise you 

Love will be loud

And love will be sure of where it is going

It is stupid

When you have a crush

And you tell all your friends 





You think

This isn’t love

This Cant happen

In 7th Grade

So What

If you think about him 

A lot

So what if when he is around

You get butterflies in your stomach

And your face glows with happiness that he is here

This cant happen

You don’t know what love is

In 7th grade

Because love

It can just whizz by you

Or it can stop

To see what it can pick up

But sometimes you wont see it coming

And it doesn’t come on time

It might come late or early

No one will ever know 

It is stupid 

When you tell your friends


This could be love

And they laugh 




And they say 


Is stupid

It can’t be love

You are in 7th grade

There is No Way

And of course 

You agree

Because you are in 7th Grade

Because love doesn’t stop for unaccompanied minors

It is Stupid

That we can’t consider real love

We can’t stop to smell the roses

It could be

Yes it could be

If the other agrees

That you love them and they love you

If they agree

Someday you could be

Happily married

With six kids

Living in the beautiful cottage

On Walnut Street

And love will keep going on and on and on

For an amazing ride

But love

Love has no conductor

You are your own leader

You are in charge of where love will lead you

And no one can tell you when love will leave or stay

Or when love will come

You have to decide for yourself

It is stupid

That maybe

If they agree

That you love them

And they love you

You could live

Your love could start in 7th grade

And your love could stay in the cottage 

On Walnut Street


You could be dumped

Love could end

Love could leave

For another

With strawberry blonde hair

And a shining light of confidence

That you don’t have

Because you didn’t believe that love could start in 7th grade

After High School

Love could leave

In the house

On Almond street


You did not make it all the way to Walnut Street

Just on the other side of town

It is Stupid

That love

It has to start somewhere

You can say where it starts and stops

But love can too

Because sometimes

Love has a mind of its own

It could start

It could stay on Walnut Street


It could end on Almond

But it has to start somewhere

In 7th Grade

Or 107th grade

It could start today

It could start tomorrow

It could start on Walnut Street

It could end on Almond

But love

Love has no conductor

You are your own leader

You are in charge of where love will lead you

And no one can tell you when love will leave or stay

Or when love will come

You have to decide for yourself

Love could take you anywhere

But is has to start somewhere

And it could start in 

7th Grade

Love can start

In 7th grade


4 Responses to “Slam Poem”

  1. Kimbra Power says:

    Hannah Hannah Hannah, so pleased to see you using your blog like this, what a great resource to look back on.
    I LOVED the slam poem, but even more than that I loved the hours you spent crafting it, practicing it and slamming it!!!
    Go Hannah!

  2. erin says:

    i love this, hannah! i would love to see a video of it performed too! go, girl!

  3. Shaza says:

    Hey, I coach forensics (speech and debate) here in New Delhi, and one girl competed with a slam poem. I would have to say yours ranks right up there with some of the published pieces!! You are a girl of many talents. xo Shaz

  4. Jen says:

    Great poem Hannah. I have to agree that a video of this would be super cool. I might need you to perform it for us when you get to the Dhabs. Can’t wait! XXO Jen

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