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Mud Fight


I was over at my friends house their name is Isabelle and Abigail. Anyway, they talked me into going outside in my swim suit and playing in the rain with them. Bad idea. It was freezing cold and pouring. What they didn’t mention was that there was mud involved. We all started drawing mud pictures on our legs and back. Then the mud fight started there was mud flying here and there and everywhere!

It was definitely a sight worth seeing. Then to clean ourselves off we jumped in puddles and went to the lake and jumped in them it was freezing cold! We dunked our faces in the water, well I didn’t but they did I was way to chicken. We splashed water on each other and cracked ourselves up. Isabelle left early to get into the warm shower but Abigail and I stayed behind to have some more fun.

We were heading back to the house and then noticed our jackets were still muddy so we got to another part of the lake and dunked them in but we were too high up so we had to get back in the water to clean them. At that point we both decided we had to put our heads under water for 5 seconds and I did it. It felt like I was in Antarctica. As we walked back people stared at us like we were aliens from Mars. When we got back we were instantly in Hawaii.