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This summer I went to Florida and to see my grandma. My mom signed me up for a surf camp, “salt water cowgirls!” (cool name) I was a little nervous if I was good surfer or not. When I got there I saw my instructor, she liked to be called “Sticks” and when everybody got to the beach we all introduced ou selves. We went trough the basics about holding you surf board and how to stand up on the board when your in the water. Sticks assigned us to different boards, I got assigned to L.P (Sticks named her boards ) and we carried them straight into the water.The waves were huge! I was scared I was going to flip over! Because in Nippers (another blog post) they had handles that you hold on to, but here there was no handles. It was my turn after practicing and practicing I finally got the hang of it. The next day, my dad started to video tape me I didn’t want him to video tape me falling down but he did it anyway.  I padded hard, the wave took me up and I balanced my feet on the board and I was cruising down the the beach. I DID IT!!!!! and my dad caught it all on tape! I started to do it over and over again but I slipped of my board and the fin of my board sliced my leg and formed a bruise around it (Ouch!) That isn’t the first bruise I got I have massive “battle scars” that’s what my instructor calls them. I had tons of fun!