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Poem for Sydney


This is a poem I wrote  in class. And I dedicate it to Sydney. I hope you enjoy.


I dreamed of her staying

But no

I can only see her once a year

Not every day like before

This year I can’t see her

I wish I could

I wish she’d come back

I want to see her smile, once again

The Meaning of Life


I wrote half of this poem in class and finished it at home. Then I read it to my dad and he said to log on to his computer and start typing this up so I hope you like this poem just as much as he did.

The meaning of life

Meaning of life

nobody knows

why were we invented?

what were we made for?

for slaves, to be rich, to be poor?

was the meaning of life just for us to spend it?

or to save it?

to have it wasted by being imprisoned?

to have it spent right

to have fun

to get to live your dream

or is it just something that you’d rather have

then being just nothing?

who made life? No one was there to invent it

Why are we walking on earth?

Well instead of wasting time asking these silly questions

shouldn’t we be living life while we have it?

James and the Giant Peach (cake)


You may be wondering about the title and that a classic book is a cake. The answer is, I made a James and the Giant Peach cake. I know you are still wondering about it so I’m going to tell you the whole story.
My mum and I always go to the lit fest on M on the Bund. Every year it holds the lit fest its a place where authors come and visit to tell people about their books and their lives, kind of like visiting authors, and every year they hold the books to eat competition. That’s where people can make some kind of edible thing that relates to a book. I did a James and the giant peach cake it had lots of candy and frosting it was really yummy.
The day before the competition was really busy my dad said that he wouldn’t be any part of it but he helped a little too. There was green frosting for grass and we used a measuring cup to shape the peach and we covered it with peach candy and peach frosting. For James I made him on a scotch finger I did the same to some of the insects.

When we were got to M on the Bund I signed in my cake then went to see two great authors then had brunch. It was magnificent. Unfortunately I had to leave early to see another author. My mum saved me some pavlova (very yummy). After that we all voted on the cakes. They were so yummy I didn’t think that it would win anything but mine won best kids runner up!

The Dancing Horses


I went on my spring break to Vienna! What a beautiful city. The trees are getting their leaves, the tulips are blossoming, and the birds are chirping. Me, Mom, Dad, and Grandma all got tickets to see a famous show with the DANCING HORSES!!! (The Lipizzaner Stallions!) We got inside the building, we sat at our seats and waited, and waited, and waited, unitl finally the music began. Six, chubby horses waddled on the sand and started to dance. The next group of horses were much  bigger and did amazing jumps! Me and Grandma picked our favorite ones. Grandma liked the brown one, I liked the one with the long tail and the chubby one. Then this very talented rider, used a very long rein and walked behind the horse and made it dance from back there. I thought that was amazing! Because  if you walk behind a horse without touching the horses you will get kicked in the stomach (ouch!) Then the show had to end, but we had a great time!