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I started to get into Betty and Veronica‘s at the age of eight. I made my own collection. Betty and Veronica‘s are very old comics, they’ve been around for… 65 years! They are about best friends: Betty the caring, loving, and very kind one and Veronica the spoiled, rich, sassy one. They both have a huge crush on a boy named Archie. Archie is klutzy, funny, and friendly. They go through amazing adventures! But Archie loves them both too much to chose which one he really wants. That makes Betty and Veronica both fight after him!!!  But one day, I read the end of a Betty and Veronica comic, and it said that Archie proposed to VERONICA!!!! I think she dosen’t deserve it. Betty was really sad and wiped a tear. I was so angry!! I went on the computer and looked up… “Why did Archie perpose to Veronica?” It turns out that millions of people are mad of that choice, and they all wanted Betty. But any way they choose, I will always enjoy reading Betty and Veronica!



This year Mrs. Brooks (my music teacher) decided to make a play, based on the stories of Frog and Toad.  I was not in the play, but my friend Sophia was and she was a squirrel! It was about a frog and a toad and their exciting year.  In the beginning of the year the birds come back and wake up Frog and Toad from their long hibernation. But when Frog wakes up he sees the snails that deliver letters.  Toad is so sad because he never ever gets a letter!  So Frog writes him one and Toad is overjoyed! Then Frog wants Toad to come in the beautiful summer water with her.  But Toad thinks he looks funny in a bathing suit, which they sing a whole song about it. Then comes fall and both Frog and Toad want to rake up each others yard for a wonderful surprise! But the mean little squirrels mess up the leaves. Next comes winter, which sends
Frog and Toad climbing up a steep mountain. They ended up on a very scare ride down the hill (That was my favorite part).   Soon it was time for the most beautiful part of all… CHRISTMAS!!! The snow was gently falling down, and presents were given.  All the animals came and sang a wonderful carol.  But, Toad and Frog have to go back to their hibernation. That was the end of the play.  I bought Sophia some flowers for a gift and went back home.

Hip Hop Hannah


My ASA (after school activity) was super fun and I am glad that I didn’t take the assembly fun activity because I had a great time with Vincent and Ms. Lau working the dance moves and at the end of the year we are going to put on a big dance with the middle school and high school students and I am so excited because it was the best ASA I have ever done.

Taylor (you’re so) Swift


I was in Manila for a swim meet on the 19th of February and Lucie, Pascale and I were going to a Taylor Swift concert.Lucie and Pascale are some of my good friends from Australia I’ve known since I was little.And this was my very first int. swim meet and it was very fun but hot since it was in manila! I got to have my favorite choco choco sticks and mango, fresh!

We were sosososossososososososososo excited. I couldn’t wait. When we got ready to go I felt like I was gonna throw up.

When we got in the car, as soon as we were on the highway it was so busy, I couldn’t believe it, everyone was beeping horns and wow, it was busy.

As soon as we got there my mum cut in line to get in there because she is crazy and when we got inside the building it was even more busy. We paid for 5 seats, we barely had space to stand up, it was disastrous.

We had to wait such a long time and there was this really bad support act first that sang a Katy Perry song and then we had to wait over an hour to wait for her to come on with just some songs playing. Even though they said it started at 8, it started one hour late (hey, that rhymes).We always thought Taylor was coming on but really they were just trying to trick us by dimming the lights and stopping the music.

As soon as she did come on, the first thing I did was block my ears. I was so excited I got to see her live, I loved her music especially Sparks Fly.



Every year in Girl Scouts we have a father daughter dance, it’s when you get to go with your dad and dance, eat cake and celebrate your bond with your dad!! I picked out a amazing red dress with a cool bead design.  My mom and I bought a red flower hair clip to put in my hair.  Finally, I went to show my dad, I entered the room and my dad was wearing a handsome coat and tie then we set out for the dance. The dance was located at the school gym.  First we had to get our picture done next to the flowers. Once that was done we made our way to the food, there were spring rolls and spaghetti and rice.  We saw a huge white and pink cake with gorgeous flower design. We munched on the food till the lights got low… And had to dance, my dad and me danced like CRAZY!  Then we had to let the dads catch their breath while the rest of the girls did the limbo!! We danced and danced till it was time to go.  I will never forget that night!!!

Visiting Authors


Here at S.A.S we are very lucky to have authors come and visit us. For example this year we had Margriet Ruurs visit. I for one think that she was a very inspiring author that made me think to write about things that I see and get inspired by. The past authors were very inspiring too, Ralph Fletcher inspired me to love non-fiction books because of his book, Fig Pudding I think that every school should have visiting authors. Now back to Margriet Ruurs, I liked how she wrote a variety of genres such as non-fiction (My School in the Rain Forest), fantasy (Emma’s Egg), and personal narratives (When we go Camping.)

Here is a photo of me with the visiting author from Pakistan, Rumana Husain who visited our school on United Nations Day.