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For my birthday, my BIGGEST preasent was.. an  introduction to scuba diving! It’s where you get to practice and learn the tips and rules of scuba diving. So first me and my dad changed into our diving suits, and walked to the pool. We had to wait awhile because the other class was still in the pool. While they were in the pool, I was sitting with the instructor going over the rules of scuba diving.  He said the golden rule is to always breathe when your in the water. And lots of other interesting fatcs of scuba diving.  After the other class as gone we got into our gear like.. our flippers and the tanks (which were really heavy.) Then we went under water, I did it!!!! I was breathing through the snorkel. I put a hand signal saying I was all right.   Soon I got used to breathing under water so we practise cool tricks like how to pull back your snorkle when it falls out of your mouth, or if you run out of air.  But the pool had to be closed so we took a quick swim and then get out. We’ll finish the rest of the leason on Monday!!!!



yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It’s one day before my birthday! I can’t believe that I’m almost turning 10 the big one zero my dad likes to call it. For school I’m going to surprise everyone in my fourth grade class with cupcakes!! My mom is already making delicious vanilla cupcakes with a thick butter cream icing. Which are too yummy to stand it! And to top it all off were adding pink and white sprinkles because of Valentines Day.  The big question is the presents. I’m so exited to see them, so neatly packaged with bows and ribbons and balloons floating around!!! I’ve been daydreaming about it all day! But that’s not all!!  Tomorrow (my birthday) it’s music class so I get to wear the “birthday hat” which is a big fat hat with a design like a big cake with candles on it you get to wear when its your birthday like mine!! But you can’t have a birthday with out a big party so….. One party is going to be with my fourth grade friends at an ice rink then eat lunch. At five pm, my friends around the neighborhood are going to campout in my living room with Treasa, Lara, Sophia and me. Are going to watch Back To The Future!! A great movie about time travel. But sadly my fantastic birthday has to end. Till next year……….



Me and Sophia are doing gymastics. We went to Ms. Tanya’s class. First, we had to stretch. We touched our toes and flexed our muscles. Then we got out a ramp and some mats, and practiced summer saults, back summer saults, and hand stands. The back summer saults were really hard for me. So Mrs.Tanya had to help me I practised real hard and “One…..Two…..three…..Go!!!” I pushed myself, and I did a back summer sault! I kept doing it over and over again and got better and better at it. Soon it was time for the hand stand. Easy peasy! But not really for Sophia, but she kepted on trying. After that, Ms. Tanya brought out the jumping bourds and showed us how to use them. To do it. you run, then jump and bonce off the board and stick the landing with out wobbling. We started a compition. My team toatally won!! It was a good day, but it sadley had to end. My dad was so proud of me for doing this. Me too! Next week I will be doing gymnastics again.

(See that picture at the top? Someday I hope to do that in gymnastics.)



Have you ever wondered why Chinese  people light fireworks? Well I’m going to tell you the story behind that.

Long ago in ancient China every new year the people of the villages would hide up in the mountains to get away from Nian, if they stayed down there Nian would eat their child and their houses would be destroyed. So instead of celebrating they stayed in the mountains.

Then one year an old man came walking through the villages and there he saw an old lady she said “Quick go to the mountains,hide from Nian!” And the old man replied “I shall stay at your house and scare away Nian for you all.” So the man stayed the night. When Nian came the man was prepared. Nian heard loud noises coming from a door so he went to investigate.Then when he arrived at the door the doors swung open and there was the man dressed in red and red was everywhere and fireworks flew to the sky! Nian got so scared he flew away. The reason the man did that stuff is because he knew Nian was afraid of light, loud noises, and red.

Soon after that, all the villagers came down from the mountains and thanked the old man for everything. But he told them “Every new year when Nian is supposed to come, wear red and light fireworks.” Then off the man went never to be seen again.