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Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year is coming up and I’m very excited. My family isn’t going anywhere so we’re staying in Shanghai. The down side to staying here is that all night you hear “BANG,BOOM,BANG!” it is so annoying! I never get any sleep and smoke fills the sky! The upside is that it’s so pretty in theĀ  sky!

This year is the year of the Rabbit (2011). That means in 2 years it will be the year of the snake, my year! (2013) Did you know that the new year is in February?I’m also very exited for the 1 week break coming up. My Ayi bought us some big fireworks. One has colour with sparks, one has 3000 just bangs, and one you can run around and hold! I’m very thrilled for the new year’s holiday. I have a feeling its going to be great.And to top it off I’m having a sleepover at Elizabeths house.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!



Hannah, and me attended to a projram called Nippers. It is ware you get to learn about how to save peoples life, so the first part was to practise running into the water as fast as you can to save people’s life. But it was really hard becuse the Austrailan waves and current is so strong it was hard to swim and really cold!!!! One person’s leg terned purple she was so cold. But Me and Hannah pushed threw it, next it was time to practise saving peoples life with surf bords. The waves were so huge. While I was riding the wave I lose control… And the wave flipped me over and I hit my chin on the sand (ouch!) Hannah did the same thing! But day after day we started to get the hang of it! One day before the compition we all learned the way to do get the person to breathe properly so first, if you see a guy or a girl suffacating look for anything dangeris (jelly fish) The next step is to speak to the person “are you okay?’ if she or he dosen ‘t say anything back that means trouble.AskĀ  someone to help to.And you stay behind and watch out for him/her. Put your hands ontop of each other and put your hands in the middle of its chest and use a sraight arm to pump it, for 30 quik pumps,and tilt the head back open the mouth and see if their any blood or vomate,then do mouth to mouth. do till the person coughs or some one comes to help!!! The next day was the compition we swam and do races it was so fun! but sadly me and Hannah had to go back to our homes.