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The Wild Life Park


Me and Hannah went to a wild life park.  As we came in I was stunned!! Because the kangaroos were walking around, and getting petted by people. In other zoo’s the animals  were in cages.  And so me and Hannah all raced to a kangaroo and fed it some kangaroo food. Then we walked over to the koala section and saw some koalas crawling on the trees. Next, we searched for the Tasmanian Devils, we just saw a vary small one that trotted back to his home.  We were going to see the eagles, but on the way, we stopped to feed a joey and its mother. But the joey crawled in its mother pouch (amazing!) I will never forget that sight!! Then we stopped to see an Emu, it looked like a small ostrich. Then we worked our way up to the wombats. They were really lazy, (unimpressive) so we decided to stop by the reptile house, we saw lots of pythons and really big snakes. We also spotted some really cute turtles and we made our way over to the snake show. The snake man told us about how to be safe when we see a snake. We all got tired and slowly went back home.

Questions For Santa!


1.         How many elves do you have?

2.        What’s the maximum number of presents you give?

3.        How old are you?

4.       How long have you known Mrs.Claus?

5.       What is your favorite color?

6.       What is your favorite meal?

7.       Is there internet in the North Pole?

8.      Whats your favorite reindeer?

9.       What do you do in your free time?

10.     What does Mrs.Claus make for you?

P.S. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth for the 27th of December!!!

Hike with Hannah And Sydney


Hannah and Syd went on a hike hand in hand while the boys went up ahead. while we took some fabulous photos.

And we’d like to share them with you all.First we went to Peace Mile,Then we went to Golden springs,we’d like to share

them to you in chapters in photo peach slide show.  Written by Hannah and Sydney

My Christmas Tree


Me and my family decided to get out our Christmas stuff and decorate my tree. First, we unwrapped all the ornaments. We normally wrapped them up in news paper each year, and this time, almost all of the newspaper was  ripped (luckily the ornaments were all safe).  Next, it was time to hang them up.  To begin, we turned some Christmas music on like “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer” and “Frosty the Snowman”. Then we started to hang the ornaments on the tree. They brought up so many marvelous memories, like when I hung up an ornament which showed the city of Shanghai. I almost cried because I missed Hannah banana so much!  My mom told me, that some ornaments we got when I was a baby in North Carlina. When we were done, my dad helped me reach the very top of the tree to put up our Santa Clause. Some people put a star, but we put a Santa Clause.  My favorite part of all, was when we all put our presents at the bottom of the tree. Only a few more days and we’ll open them, before we go to AUSTRALIA to be with Hannah, Mimi, Kim, and Simon.

So….. Marry Christmas!