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My family and I went to London! it was nice to get out of the heat of Abu Dhabi to the rainy days of London! We took a bus tour all around London we saw Big Ben Tower.   It was huge.  We also saw the Eye of London this huge ferris wheel looks over London. The next day we went to Hamleys it’s a huge toy store filled with all kinds of toys.  So my parents and I decided to check it out.   There were so many toys it was hard to chose but  I ended up choosing a Paddington Bear. My mom got us tickets for Billy Elliot.  We went to watch it on Monday night, it was fantastic!   It is about a young boy who lived in England but his mother has died.  His father and older brother are on strike from their job.  They are strict on Billy.  Billy  finds a way  to be free of the sadness he dances ballet.   When his dad finds out it is not pretty, but can Billy make his dad realize how much he loves dancing?  Watch this play to find out.

We went in to a breath taking museum of art and history.  We then  went to the Queen’s royal palace.   We saw body gurds walking back and forth and they were wearing funny hats.

But sadly we had to leave London at 4:00am “errrrrr” it was frustrating but I manage through the pain!!!

The Very Interesting walk


Here is my writing that I published in class.Its based on a true story that happened to my friends and I.

I love spending time with them. They are some of my greatest friends. There names are Bryony and Hunter. The first photo is of me and Bryony and Hunter and the second is a mob of Kangaroos near their dam.

Whenever we have a holiday, my family always goes to Australia to stay with the Donald family.  I remember the last time I was there, we had an interesting walk around the fields nearby their house.

Bryony, Hunter and I were walking up the hill to see the lambs. When we got to the top we saw some kangaroos hopping around in the distance. They were big red kangaroos, hopping around in the wide-open space.  They looked so free.

We decided to keep going on, so we went up to the woods where the lambs and sheep were. When we finally got to the lambs, they were all so cute! Walking around on there little legs I love the lambs I wish I could live near animals, because I love them so much.

As we were walking further we saw a dead lamb.  It was probably attacked by a fox. It was lying there all alone. Flies were flying all over it.  It was bloody and gross – not a pretty sight.  Everybody looked away and decided it was time to go.

We went on to the shed by the dam.  It was a small metal shack.  It was rusty all over and looked like it had been there for a very long time.  The door was open so we pushed the door open and went inside. There was a fireplace, a rake and a couple photos on the wall. There was a wooden chair that looked like it would break if we sat on it.  The table was in the same shape with a few cracks on top.

“This place is so dusty!  Somebody should clean it,” I said.

“People used to sleep in here,” Bryony said.

I looked out the door looking over the dam.  The shed was near the deep end where the snakes liked to stay.  I know they don’t do this, but I’m always worried some snakes will  jump out at me.

We decided to go back to the house.  I love going to Bryony and Hunter’s house. It’s a lot more fun in the country than it is in the city!



Yesterday during Art my dad came to pick me up.
I was doing my land form project and he came 10 minutes early. I also had a Chinese class party.
And I had to miss both of them, I was really disappointed. So we went out to meet Mum and Mimi.
We got in a taxi and off we went.We were going to Qingdao.
At the airport it took a long time in queues, good thing I brought my knitting.When we got through all the customs
it was a very long walk to gate 93.On the way we stopped at a few shops.
One was a toy shop, another was a toy shop, and another was a ice cream shop Hagen dazz,to be
exact. So once we got on the airplane it was the shortest ride ever!
Now to get to the point. In Qingdao it was amazing! To make it even better we stayed at the Shangri laa Hotel.
At dinner we went to Cafe Yum,I had some sushi. It was delicious!
The next day we went out walking to the sea shore well it was not really the shore we were high up and the sea was
down low if you can picture it. The waves were ginormous, they were all over the place.The waves were coming over
the bars it was amazing. We went around town and my next favorite part was the leaves, it was like Autumn.
The leaves were blowing every where and Mimi and I were jumping and playing in the leaves and trees.
Since Mimi had a jumper with a hood we stuffed leaves in it and she looked really funny.
We had a great time, unfortunately the next day we had to leave but we had a great time.

News Papers


Me and my friend Sophia love making news papers. We deliver them 6:30 sharp in the morning,this makes us happy because  we do something good to our neighbors and its fun to make up stories and share them with other people,  Here’s how you make them you need lots of papers cut out pitchers from newspapers and write funny stories.  But the stories dose not have to be true like sometimes I cut out a pitcher of a dog and I could say its a stray, (its not really) it makes it more interesting, we usually deliver them too people in our apportionment building, and sometimes we have to walk alote to get to places.But we have to be careful because our neighborhood is vary dirty with a lot of glass. And some boys are not really friendly to us. But that’s the price you pay for being the newspaper girls.

Home Alone The Movie


Me and my dad watched the moves Home Alone 1 and 2. They were so good. Let me tell you about Home Alone 1. It is about a boy named Kevin, and its Christmas time.They are getting ready to go to Paris, but Kevin thinks he doesn’t want his family (but he really does) and the next morning when their on the airplane, the mom  suddenly realizes that they forgot Kevin at home!! When Kevin finds out, that he’s alone, its awesome! He is in charge of the whole house, until these creepy people named Harry and Marv (burgers) show up. Their target is Kevin’s house.  What will he do to stop them? Watch this movie to find out! Here is a trailer of the movie Home Alone.