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At school there was a Halloween party for the fourth grade.
Its always so fun.
We play lots of games and win cool prizes,but first all of the school has a Halloween parade.
Of course we have our costumes on, this year I was a genie.
We parade all over the school one of my friends was a bag of jelly beans!
And one was a cowgirl.The fourth grade had a costume competition.
Each class had a vote on which costume they like the most.My friend Janie won.She got to get in a
competition with the winners of other classes.

After recces we would have the party.
First I went to Mrs. Cole’s room, her activity was making cupcakes and watching Thriller I thought it was really scary.

Next we did the relay racing, it is where you pick out a name from a bucket, you dress up as a witch and you run to the other side where you pick out the item that is on the card, then you run back, take off your costume and give it to the next person in line. The first team who has everyone sitting in line, is the winner. Each team got a bag of silly bands for participating, it was fun.

Then we went to my teacher’s class, she is called Mrs. Lau, she had a disco light and we were going to dance to Thriller. First she showed us our dance and then after that we would use it with music and then next we would do it with the disco lights, that was the most fun.

When we were finished in Mrs. Lau’s room we went next door and my dad was telling the scary stories, it wasn’t really that scary except for the scary toe, that was a bit scary, and everyone said that wasn’t too scary but then at the end, my Dad said arghhhhhhhhhh really loudly and everyone jumped, some people said they didn’t but they did.

The last station we went to we had a mystery box and everyone enjoyed that because it was really gross and the most Halloweeny. First she told us about all the witches and how they didn’t read so their brains and their intestines were all mushy, then there were lots of mystery boxes so we all went around the classroom putting our hands in these gross boxes, I think the mushy brain was jello but I’m not sure and the hard firm brain was roast beef, the intestines were noodles.

We also got to decorate our body’s with tattoos.

It was the best halloween party ever (so far).

The Fall Festival


Fall Festival,  is a parade at my school were you have to dress up, like Halloween. There are some fun booths where you can win candy. I got a whole bag full! I dressed up as a mad evil scientist. Me and my mom put this hair gel on my hair to make it look like I was in an explosion.  I had two rubber gloves on my hands plus some cold slimy noodles for a brain that I carried around in a plastic bag.

One of my favorite booths was the sponge-throw at a teacher. If you hit the person, you would get a lot of candies. Mr. Schawamberger (our PE teacher ) was the person that had to get hit, so I said that I would throw it at him. I got three chances. The first one missed, but the second one made it. “Whooooooooo!” I said as I got the candy.

It was a perfect end to a perfect day, at the Fall Festival!

Jenny of The Tetons


I read a book called Jenny Of The Tetons and it takes place in Wyoming.   Its about a young girl called Carrie. She’s on this trail ride with her parents. but an Indian tribe attacks them. Carrie’s parents and siblings are dead so people bring the young girl to Fort Hall.  She is chosen to go with a family with Beaver Dick, the husband, and the cute children.  She noticed that the mother (Jenny) is a Indian!  She is so frighten from Jenny so she never smiles at her or even is nice to her.  In the end she realizes that she’s not so bad after all!!   unfortunately, the sickness is going around and winter is near.  They soon find out that a strange animal is lurking around, a bear! Will they survive or not??  Read this book too find out!!!!!!

Shanghai Ocean World Aquarium


My Nanna is visiting from Australia and today Nanna and I went to the Aquarium. We got there by the metro with my Mum and my sister then they went to the Doctors because Mimi was sick. First we went to the ticket counter and bought our tickets and then went inside and scanned our tickets on the scanning machine, like the one we used on the metro, then we went down the escalator and saw heaps of beautiful pictures of fish on the walls.

We entered a room full of lots of fish and habitats for different fish. First we went to a tank with a couple of rocks and some very big fish inside. To me they looked like catfish. Then we went to a place that had a rock fall and waterfall that we could look over at. We saw salt water crocodiles and a few ducks. Salt water crocodiles are very small. The ducks swam all around the salt water crocodiles but didn’t go near them and then went to the other side, I think the ducks were very smart to do that.

We went to different habitats around the room then exited,we went to the room next door and saw an over head tank.The tank went down and a escalator went down with it we saw lots of different fish most of them were small there was barely any big fish. The next room was big first we saw a great big sword fish, the next exhibit had turtles and some big fish we spent some time there to watch the turtles swim around, it was very cute.

In the next room we saw the worlds longest travelator we got on and off we went. I think it was the greatest.

I can now use photo peach by myself because my mum showed me so many times and here is a slide show that i made all by myself.

Aquarium on PhotoPeach

Shanghai Wild Animal Park


I went to the wild animal park with our friend Sandra and my Nanna and it was great fun. My favorite part was definitely the lemurs they were all out in the wild jumping from tree to tree. When you are not looking at one it feels like it will jump on you.

My second favorite would be the bears they were also roaming free. The bears had a wooden play area which they climbed all over and some of them came over so close to the bus that it felt like they would jump and smash the window. It really felt like they were about to jump on it. There were black, brown and sun bears and they were all really beautiful, especially the sun bears, they had a yellow neck.

Here is a slide show of the animals we saw.

The Boat Ride


I went on a boat ride in Abu Dhabi with my friends Laura,Tressa, Mark, Lucas, their parents, my mom and dad, and last but not least, Polly the dog. We all went to one of the islands in Abu Dhabi called Crabby Island because it has lots of crabs. We also had a barbecue. Me and the girls rode with the surf board out in the sea. There were major waves, soon it was time too have dinner, grilled chicken and lots of cookies. Then we played on this cool boat. It had a bedroom, shower, kitchen and a deck. But soon something was happening in the water, it was pulling us. “It’s a current” I said to my friends. So we made up this game were you had to jump off the deck and the current would pull you and you had to grab a hold on the rope before the current took you far away. But as the day rolled by, the current grew stronger. I got whisked away. I took a risk and swam against the current. It took me forever to get there! Well…close to the rope. But Mark has really tall legs, so I grabbed his leg and he pulled me up. It was really fun. Soon it was time to go back home. On the way back, the waves were insane. They were so big I was scared!!! But it was still a perfect day!!!!!!!!

My New Room!!!


My room last year was terrifying! It was all pink and I had flower stickers all over my walls and pink everything it was so girly I did not like it. So I decide too change my room. “But, what theme?” I asked myself. Then I realized, that I’ve always wanted to have a ocean room. “Perfect!” I said. I drew some ideas first, then we painted my room an ocean blue. Next, we put some big fish stickers on my wall, so when I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is fish staring at me. And I put light blue curtins around my bed like shield. The next thing we got, was a pretty blue flower carpet. Finally, I put  a funky bean bag in the middle of the floor plus I got cool ocean pictures of beaches and waves. So, that’s how I changed my room!!!!

Check out the cool video to see what it looks like.