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Your probably wondering what is Kidzania? Well its a kid world that you get to act like an adult and eat food your parents won’t like. So my parents decided I could go there. But one small problem: NO PARENTS ALLOWED!!!!! So I went with my friend Sophia and her brother Sam. At first we went to a real air plane. I got to be a pilot. I drove the plane around. Then next I was a fire fighter, we all went on a real fire truck and we went around Kidzania looking for fires! Next I went to be a dentist. I cleaned the teeth of a fake person, but it was still pretty cool. After that I went to Dunkin Doenuts and took a quick break. Then I was off to get my drivers license. I took the test and every thing! finally I got my driver license  and next I went car racing. VROOM!!! VROOM!!! went the car, the race had begun. I took off zooming past the others “yeah!!  I won ” I cried taking my helmet off. But the fun had to end soon. I was heading back to home. But I will never forget that day!!

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My weekend at Elizabeths


I arrived at Elizabeth’s house and it was raining, I thought “well this is great we were going swimming.”

I got out of the car and Elizabeth was playing in the rain with Wrenzi and Abby.

I put my stuff inside and came out to play.

After awhile we decided to swim in the pool with our clothes on, we had a great time.

When we were done we put some dry clothes on and Abby left, it was time for lunch and Wrenzi went home.

For lunch, we sort of made it ourselves, it was peas, rice and tuna and it tasted pretty good.  Wrenzi came back after lunch was over and we played some pool because Elizabeth has a pool table, it was fun.

And then we went to see some soccer that Elizabeth played at a school called S.M.I.C.

After we played outside on roller-blades, and then it was time for dinner.

Later we watched some Glee, after that it was time for bed. I had a great time and I hope to go back there again.

Swim Team!


Yahoo! I can’t believe I made the swim team. I was against a really fast swimmer that’s why I was extra nervous.  We were doing the free style when the swim team coach said “on your mark, get set, GO!”    I gracefully soared through the water like a bullet, but the girl was still in the lead.   It turned out that during every race I finished second. The last stoke of the day, was the backstroke.  tf is my best swimming stroke, but could I beat her?  Whoosh, we were off!  When I turned my head I was finally in front!  But she was gaining on me, so I pushed and swam the best I could.  At the end, I touched the wall first.  Yeah I did it, I made it on swim team!!

Swim Team


I tried out for the Swim Team for the first time and I didn’t get it but then I trained very hard and then tried out again this year and I got on. It’s very hard work doing all the exercises, you have to do some bops and do lots and lots of laps. A bop is where you just push up and down in the water with your arms in front of you on the side of the pool and it helps build your arm muscles. I probably swim about 800 metres in all at training and I have training every Monday and Thursday. On Sundays I have swim lessons with Lydia, she is a girl who is from my school and she is already on the swim team and she is very fast. Lydia helped me train to get on the swim team and I want to swim with her still because I like training with her and she comes to my house and we swim at Green Court where I live.

Here is a photo of me swimming in a lake in Finland with my friend Johannes.

When you are on the S.A.S. swim team you get to travel to places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia and so one day I might get to do that if I get fast enough.