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GET SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am in Portugal and I am always in the pool but when I am not in the pool I am watching a T.V. series called GET SMART and its really funny.

It’s really old from 1965-1969 but its not in black & white only the very first episode was in black and white. It is about a secret agent called Maxwell Smart, agent “86” and he goes on most of his missions with agent “99” and she doesn’t have a name, her name is “99”. He has very special gadgets, one is his watch-record-player, it has only been in one episode so far and Max opens up his watch and 99 gives him a charm from her bracelet, which is a record charm, and he puts it on the record and starts playing it. If it is not the right sound, then he turns it over. The most common gadget he uses is his shoe phone and he uses it on almost every mission.

In one episode Max goes to the scientist for Control (his spy group) and asks for some gadgets. One is a camera with a hidden tape recorder inside and one is a tape recorder with a hidden camera inside. Max asks the scientist” Why they don’t have a normal camera that takes photos and a normal tape recorder that tapes” and the scientist says “because my mind doesn’t work that way” I found that very funny.

In the chiefs office he has the cone of silence max always wants it and whenever he uses it
something bad happens.

I recommend this show to all that are reading this.

Broadway Musical


Right now I’m in New York City. Me and my parents went to see the Broadway Musical called ‘MEMPHIS’! It won the Best Musical Award for 2010! The singers were so good at singing. It sounded like angles singing. My mom thought it was great because the actors were brilliant at acting. My dad said, “It was so enjoyable because the dance routines were unique and you never got bored of watching it.” Here are the main actors names: the two main characters are Chad Kimball as Huey and Montego Glover as Felicia. The story was about how black people and white people couldn’t be in love or they would get hurt. Also it was about how black music became popular with whites. But in the end they solved it with music! I loved watching a live show on Broadway!

Here is a YouTube video you can watch:

Karate Kid the movie


Movie Poster

I went to see the wonderful movie Karate Kid, with my drink and popcorn I was ready to go! It started to get dark it was time for the movie I could feel my legs shaking I was that excited! I challenged myself to watch the violent parts, but it was still an awesome movie, especially at the end when he did a back flip and smacked the enemy. “Yes!” I shouted, waving my hands in the air! I forgot there were people watching too. It was one of those times I will never forget!!! I love watching adventurous moveis like this one!     Check out the movie trailer below.

Karate Kid Movie Trailer

“TEN” by Shamini Flint


I read a great book called TEN by Shamini Flint.

It is about a girl, Maya, who loves soccer but never played it because her grandmother doesn’t believe girls should play soccer.
At her school you’re not allowed to play soccer in P.E. but she started a small soccer team so she was able to play soccer at school at recess. She went into a big competition with other schools and the best player got to go to England and watch a champion soccer player play in the finals.
I met the author who lives in Malaysia when I went to a festival in Shanghai about writing so I will put a photo of her and me on here when I am home on my mum’s computer.

The starting of my trip


The starting of my trip to Portugal was a horrible start.
Our main door is half the size of a bedroom door and there are so many stairs to get to our floor even though we’re
on the third floor (the top floor) it’s really steep and high up (35 stairs).

Also the apartment is tiny and my sister and my bedroom is less than half the size of my bedroom and really just big enough for the bunk bed and NOTHING ELSE!
We arrived at the night of a special party all over Lisbon and there were people partying everywhere and blocking our way in the taxi in the little streets and nothing was really open so we had doner kebab.
We had no food the next morning so that was the main problem, nothing was open the only thing that was, was doner kebab so we had french fries and doner kebabs for breakfast again!
The street was covered with rubbish from all the parties the night before, my parents said it was just like New Years Day in places in Australia.
After breakfast we went to find a super market we found one in town and got everything we needed. And then the problem was solved I guess we were just hungry.

To be in international kid!


Since I’m an international kid I go on extreme traveling and this is one of those times. I just had the most longest journey in my whole entire life. In all the hours I was in the plane it added up to 36 hours. We took four airplanes. First we took an airplane called  Lufthansa and flew to the Frankfurt airport.  That was 7 hours. Then we had to wait 4 more hours. Then we got on the plane to New York.  It was 9 hours and we stayed in the airport for one hour. Then we had to get on another plane. I was exhausted  by then but I kept on saying to myself “you can do it” and so I did.  We flew over to Atlanta. We had so little time to get on the next flight, so we were running. On the way I got injured, I accidentally ran into the escalator and hurt my knee. Our last plane was from Atlanta to Lafayette, LA. There I got to see my Grandpa Pie and my Gram and my Grandpa. I enjoyed seeing them. It was all worth it.



On Sunday I went to EXPO it was really cool.
First we went to the Australian pavilion then Portugal’s then my favorite the Czech Republic!
EXPO was huge, we only saw like 1 out of 100 buildings in it. In Czech Republic it was cool, there were lots of things to see and do, there was a room of mirrors and everyone went in including me! I came out because my dad said we’re not allowed in there. Then my mum told one lady in charge and she tried to get the kids out but she didn’t so she gave up and left. What a horrible guard!

We will probably go to EXPO again after our summer vacation which starts this weekend and then we are going to the real Portugal!

Here are some photos my dad took at EXPO with our new fancy camera.

My Trip to the Plant Souk


I bought a plant its red and spiky its an inside plant so I water it once a week!!!!!! But I had to speak in Arabic to the guy to buy the plant. It was my goal to do it. I have some pictures of me buying the plant and talking to the man in the plank souk (which is the Arabic word for market). There was some difficulties, like I tried to ask the man to lower the price, but he thought I said “Ficus” which is a kind of plant. It was embarrassing. But I checked my Arabic book, said the right words, and he got it!

Click HERE to go to my slide show, or watch it below.

We aren’t sure what kind of plant it is, but it is pretty. It even has a blossom on it growing.