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China Alive! Day 2


Day 2: Today was just as good as the first day, but with more hard work! We woke up, then went in the Tong Lu city to have our breakfast. This may of been the best breakfast, because it wasn’t a hotel style breakfast, it was street food! My friend and I shared a big bowl of noodles, a bowl of pineapple, and an egg pancake. It was delicious, and it cost under 20 kuai! After that, we headed down to a town where we would begin our farming work! When we reached the town, we went to the tour guides uncles house, and the chaperones explained how the day would work, we would work, and then get a token saying how much money we earned.

First we planted crops, this may of been the hardest out of the day, but it was fun! We had to bend over with the hot sun beating down on our backs. We first made the soil rid of rocks and plastic, then leveled it. Then came the hard part! We had to plant the crops, and stuff them into the ground then run to the get buckets of water, it was a lot of hard work but it was nothing compared to the next activities. After planting the crops, we hiked up to the mountain to pick tea leaves. After about a 15 minute hike, we went up into the mountains to start picking. It would of been lovely, relaxing, and beautifully sunny, but of course with the good, comes the bad. Bugs. Bugs, and more bugs. The were coming at us that we were on Americas Next Top Model,¬†and the most attractive people on earth. After coming back down from the mountains, we had some lunch and then set beck to work. Making Pens. This may sound boring, but trust me, this was. We all sat in a sweat shop, and made pens for the community. 0.1 Kuai was four pens. OH JOY. I mean sure it was OK, we got to¬†socialize, but it felt like we were forced to do it, I mean we were, but anyways…

After the fun of pen making we didn’t have many more jobs to do, so we hunted around for jobs, and we found out about one good one, BRICK CARRYING! We all got gloves on and set to work. We had to carry the bricks up a hill and up some steps we had counters, and we started with an assembly line but then split solo. I ended up carrying about 100 bricks out of a thousand, with no breaks carrying 3-4 bricks each time. I carried five sometimes, but decided 4 was more than enough. Some of the boys even carried 7!!

After a day of long and hard work, we added up all the money we earned, and gave it to the farmer, who gave us our dinner. It was delicious! The second day was just as good as the first and little did I know, I still had more to come.