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Book Review: Divergent Series


I am a huge reader. I love books that are placed in a “Utopia” because its very fascinating to see what twisted society looks like in the book. I have a hard time (As most people do) finding the right sort of book for me. Well I found the Divergent series, and this series really KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF. The first book is called Divergent, the second one is called Insurgent and the last one is called Allegiant. If you haven’t already read these series, I’m going to give you a quick insight of what this story is about:

4 factions make up the city in Chicago USA, with the “Fence” outlining the city boundaries to keep everyone in, people who turn the age of 16 gets to decide where they belong, Candor: The faction of honesty and trustworthy, Erudite: The faction of smarts and knowledge, Amity: The faction of kindness, and caring, and Dauntless: The faction for the brave and courageous. Tris prior needs to decide where she really belongs and choosing between doing what is right and what her heart tells her to do. This story well really have you hanging on, a roller coster as you read about Tris Priors life.

Please, please, please, please read this book, I promise that it will be worth it!

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Bolt


I read a cool book called Percy Jackson and the Lightening Bolt. it was all about a boy called Percy, who is kicked out of bording school (again) and is sent to camp “half blood” ware he finds out that he is Poisidon’s (God of the Sea) son. Percy is sent on a dangerous quest, to retrieve Lord Zeus’ lightning bolt and return it back to Zeus. On this quest, Percy fights Medusa, and meets a half-goat half-man, and takes a trip to the under world where he thinks Hades God of the Underworld has stolen the Lightning bolt. But he finds even more horrible secrets that could destroy Mount Olimpus. Read the book to find out more. I really like this book because its full of adventure and teaches you about greek mythology.



I started to get into Betty and Veronica‘s at the age of eight. I made my own collection. Betty and Veronica‘s are very old comics, they’ve been around for… 65 years! They are about best friends: Betty the caring, loving, and very kind one and Veronica the spoiled, rich, sassy one. They both have a huge crush on a boy named Archie. Archie is klutzy, funny, and friendly. They go through amazing adventures! But Archie loves them both too much to chose which one he really wants. That makes Betty and Veronica both fight after him!!!  But one day, I read the end of a Betty and Veronica comic, and it said that Archie proposed to VERONICA!!!! I think she dosen’t deserve it. Betty was really sad and wiped a tear. I was so angry!! I went on the computer and looked up… “Why did Archie perpose to Veronica?” It turns out that millions of people are mad of that choice, and they all wanted Betty. But any way they choose, I will always enjoy reading Betty and Veronica!

Jenny of The Tetons


I read a book called Jenny Of The Tetons and it takes place in Wyoming.   Its about a young girl called Carrie. She’s on this trail ride with her parents. but an Indian tribe attacks them. Carrie’s parents and siblings are dead so people bring the young girl to Fort Hall.  She is chosen to go with a family with Beaver Dick, the husband, and the cute children.  She noticed that the mother (Jenny) is a Indian!  She is so frighten from Jenny so she never smiles at her or even is nice to her.  In the end she realizes that she’s not so bad after all!!   unfortunately, the sickness is going around and winter is near.  They soon find out that a strange animal is lurking around, a bear! Will they survive or not??  Read this book too find out!!!!!!

“TEN” by Shamini Flint


I read a great book called TEN by Shamini Flint.

It is about a girl, Maya, who loves soccer but never played it because her grandmother doesn’t believe girls should play soccer.
At her school you’re not allowed to play soccer in P.E. but she started a small soccer team so she was able to play soccer at school at recess. She went into a big competition with other schools and the best player got to go to England and watch a champion soccer player play in the finals.
I met the author who lives in Malaysia when I went to a festival in Shanghai about writing so I will put a photo of her and me on here when I am home on my mum’s computer.

My podcast


I made a podcast about a book I really like it’s  called Archie comics. Archie comics are fun to read because of their fantasitc adventures. I love to read comic books, especially Archie ones. They are cheap to buy but also there is good writing. I made my podcast in library, everyone in my class did one. If you click HERE be taken to the podcast. I hope you like it!

Superstar Stats Book Review


This morning I was watching American Idol and I asked who’s that and my Dad said that’s Bon Jovi and quickly I got out the book ‘Superstar Stats’ and looked him up and I found him.

It’s a great book for questions about your favorite stars because it has the age, the birthplace, a super stat, how much money they make, and it is really interesting. It also has radio station people, the richest people in the world, inventors, chefs and all sorts of people, not just movie stars and singers. So I think you should buy it. I got it from the Scholastic Book Club that comes to my school.