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Winter break has finally reached us folks! No more tests, quizzes, or exams, no more homework pilling in our schedules. This is the time for real relaxation! Because my family and I, are big travellers it was only a matter of time before we went over to the beautiful Maldives in the Indian ocean. You have probably seen the classic island in the movies, with the white sand and crystal clear blue waters, and the towering palm trees. And guess what? It looks exactly like that!

We arrived at the airport to see a bunch of boats in the harbor, they call the “Taxi boats” and they take you to the hotels on the islands. The boats not only caught my attention, but the water! The water was a blue and as beautiful in the movies, I looked down and I could see the rocks on the bottom of the sea. We then climbed aboard a small speed boat and zoomed off to our hotel. We arrived to a warm welcome at the Holiday Inn, they took us to our room and let us get settled. Throughout the trip we snorkelled and saw lots of beautiful fish, with all sorts of colour and sizes. We fed them crackers and they started to circle us trying to get a piece cracker. I held out a piece of bread and watched in awe as a gorgeous fish swam up and started to nibble at my palm.

One night when we finished our dinner, and headed out to the beach, they started a shark feeding, in which they threw out meat to lure the sharks in so we could get a glimpse of the fascinating creatures. They causally swam up, careful of what might to come, they took the meat and quickly swam off.

This trip was a fantastic one, filled with many adventures and memories that I will always remember.

Taylor Swift tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor Swift has released her new album red, I listen to it every single day. I’m a swiftie as many of you know from previous posts that I absolutely love Taylor Swift she is my role model and I’m a true fan. I begged and begged my parents for the red concert tickets, I HAD to have them! I NEEDED them! I told my dad for my birthday all I wanted is Taylor Swift concert ticket. I had chosen a bad time to break the news for that my dad was on his iPhone 5, (talking to siarrie) which he got for Christmas. I could tell from the absent look on his face that he did not hear ANY word I said. I decided to trust him and hope that he got the messege and was working on it. But soon I got anxious and wanted to make sure he was 100% working on this. So I did my part of reaserching and gave him he website and begged and begged and begged that I really wanted these concert tickets. He finally gave in, I was proud of myself and started back to clean up the kitchen. I heard my dad call my mom over, I could only hear their faint whispering, I sudenly got really exited and had to keep my cool. They both walked in and said………. “You now have Taylor Swift concert tickets.” I could barley contain my enthusiasm and started to jump around in circles yelling “THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU”

My New Cat!!!!


I’ve had a few cats in my life. There was Omaley and he was such a lazy laid back cat, that kinda walked around our house like he was the king. And there was Ramsey, who was always looking for trouble, and would eventually end up falling into the bathtub! I dearly loved both of them, but Omaley had to be put down because he had a terrible gum disease. And Ramsey we had to give him away, because he was very depressed and he wanted to be outside but we lived in a apartment and so we gave him away to a family that had a backyard. All of these incidents caused days with oceans of tears, and I felt like I was just a horrible owner. But very recently me and my family have moved into a villa. And decided we could try to look for the right kind of cat. One day when I came back from my friends house, my parents sat me down at the table. “Sydney, we found some cats on the feline friends website, and they wanted us to give our quality’s in a cat.” My mom said, I was already glowing with excitement, “And we want you to fill it out.” Dad added, “Because we want you to take owner ship of this cat.” Mom concluded. So she handed me the computer that had questions written on it and a box to say yes or no. The type of quality’s in a cat that we were looking for were… Lazy, laid back, not hipper, and is loveable. My mom approved it and we sent it to feline friends. They got back to us a couple of days later with a list of cats. The one cat that caught my eye was Posh, a laid back cat, that is used to being left alone. So we set up a date to meet and visit Posh. As the days went by, we were contently thinking about her name. We didn’t want to keep it posh, and we had already thought about naming her Charles Wallice, but she’s a girl, so we had to think of something else. Out of all the names we had, we finally found one….. Mrs. Charles Wallice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its a mouth full, for a cats name, but we could not come with another unique name for her. Finally after grueling days of waiting and waiting finally the time was here,  possibly to  get my future cat! Ding! Dong! Went the door bell, me and my parents were standing outside the foster parents house. When they opened the door a beautiful cat welcomed us inside. She was white with orange spots on her back and tail. We sat on their coach and stroked her soft fur, and asked many questions on of she is, and what is she like.  Everything happened  so fast I barley knew what was going on. First my mom was talking about “The price”  but I was to busy admiring the cat I hardly noticed my parents grabbing the food and her litter box. “Mom whats happening?” I asked as she put the squirming cat in her cat box. “Weir taking her!” my mom exclaimed, I felt my heart pounding, would this be the cat? We piled all of her stuff in the car, and drove to our house. She was meowing and meowing like crazy! Till we opened the front door and let her roam our house. She sniffed every crack and corner and it felt like we had finally found the right cat, and it felt like she finally found the right home.



I can’t believe the Olympics has started. The Olympics is were all of the best athletes come together and compete! The games took place in London this year. The opening ceremony was super exiting. As the queen was going to the opening ceremony in her private helicopter, Mr.Bean showed up. Now if you guys don’t know who Mr.Bean is…. Well he is one of the most funniest guys on TV, (British humor.) After he did his act, the queen was skydiving out of her helicopter! Me and my family gasped, as we saw the souring queen above every one! Wow I still can’t believe that the queen did something like that! And made me wonder would president Obama skydive off a flying helicopter into the Olympic games? Anyway, I had never REALLY watched the Olympics before and diffidently not the opening ceremony, and I was shocked to see this amazing Olympic start! The ceremony kept on getting better and better, there was dancing and big changing of the stadium, and big choirs that made our school choir look like a spec of dust. After the wondrous ceremony, the games begun! I love swimming I love the competition, and sport. So I was super exited about the swimming. I’ve always been a really big Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. And to see them swim head to head, giving it all they got, kept me on my toes the rest of the night. And the gymnastics are completely utterly AMAZING!!!!! They are soooooooo strong, to lift their body up, and over the poles, and to spring them selves with such force and landing on their own two feet, and beaming at the crowd like it was no big deal. And the cycling! Man, how to they peddle for hours and hours nonstop, against the pounding wind and the twisty roads. That’s all I have seen of the Olympics and I’m exited to see who will win!

floating in Wyoming!!!!!


Me and my cousins, Luke and Tobey, went tubing. (And just to give you in over view of my cousins they argue like 24/7!) Anyway we drove down to Salt River, to go tubing. floating is where you sit in a tube and just float down the river. Lucky for us we got good weather, the sky was a brilliant baby blue, and the clouds where so white and fluffy they looked like a giant cotton candy ball. As soon as we got plastered on with a TON of sun screen, we set foot in the icy mountain water. OMG!!!!! That was super duper burning cold water! I tried to be cool about it, but I was sure after a couple of hours I was going to flip out! As soon as I was getting used to the tube, Luke got Caught in the river, and for some reason we started floating with out him. He was screaming for us, and we were all screaming for him. I was getting worried now, “Daddy, where is Luke!?” I said looking around for Luke. His dad found him and brought him back. I was still wondering what if that happened to me next? The rapids were very fast, the rushing water pushed you down this little water fall and down you went! We also had this little boat that you have to paddle to get moving. We stopped at a bank and I trudged up the rocks, I could not feel my feet, or my hands. I was shivering like a naked polar bear in the winter. So I got to paddle with Mary (Luke and Tobey’s mom) there sun on my body sent warm sparks through my body. After a couple of hours we finally got to the end of the river. We drove home but on the way we all got a delouse creamy milkshake for our hard work! 



I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. I dream of someday meeting her in person! And the reason I like her is because she is so cool in her own skin, and expresses her inner self. Guess who got to see her live in concert? My best friend Hannah.So jealous So Taylor Swift released her new perfume Wonderstruck! I spent hours dooling over the computer watching the girl open the beautiful box and reveling a sparkling purple bottle! I was staying with my aunt and she drove me to  Denver where my mom was. When my mom flew back from London, (Don’t ask….. business trip) me and her went shopping with my aunt. When we were driving to the mall, I noticed a gigantic bill board with big red letters, MACY. No way I thought, this couldn’t have been true!  “Mom Wonderstruck is in there!” I said urgently, I could just picture me holding the one the only WONDERSTRUCK!!!!! As we walked into the mall I was all set to make a dash for Macy’s. But of course no! “Syd, we’ll get the perfume after weir done shopping” mom said looking at the mall map. Ugh! I don’t know about you but I’m not so keen on “SUMMER SHOPPING” especially since there is a perfume in this mall that I’ve been drooling on for months. I was so glad we weir done shopping… (because I was the one lugging all the shopping bags, and waiting endlessly, playing the only game on my moms phone…. pocket frogs!) so I ran all the way to Macy’s. I was frantically searching the shop for any signs of Wonderstruck. I ran up to the closest clerk… “Um excuse me, do you know where the Wonderstruck is?” I said politely. “Yes I think we do” she said and walked over to the counter. I took a deep breath,”please, please, please!” I mumbled, as I walked towards the counter. There it was, sitting there, the beautiful cap decorated with little golden designs all over it. Three golden charms hung down, a cage, a bird, and a star. I could see the golden words printed out: WONDERSTRUCK……. I reached out, I grasped the bottle, and took a big long sniff. Wow! It had that warm cozy scent, with apple blossom, green apple, peach, and freesia smell. I ran up to my mom and begged her and begged her, she finally broke down and I got the one the only WONDERSTRUCK. I certainly will be waring this perfume a lot! 

Greece part 2


Me and BFF Hannah were living summer to the fullest! Talk about 2 ice creams a day, going to the beaches, eating delouse greek food, and watching tons of TV!!!!!  Any way me and Hannah one evening were walking down the steep,  streets of Greece. Kim said that there was going to be a local party going on, with something about kids and fire. So we walked into the party, the lights were all hung on the trees, and many people were busy chattering away, not taking ANY notice of me and Hannah. So we sat and waited on a rock waiting for some signs of fire. But nothing came, so me and Hannah gave up and slumped back up to the restraunt. Sadly disappointed we told the grown ups what happend. But Kim was so sure that the party had to have some sort of ritual with fire, and she made us walk back down to the party with the her. As soon as we walked into the party we could see  we see the dancing flames sprouting up from the wood, and many kids running with full speed and leaping over them. For several seconds we stood there mouths open and trying to interrupt what we were seeing. Someone told my dad that this was a ritual that they do at the beginning of summer. We went along with it, and pretty soon we were in line for our turn to run into the burning, crackling fire. “Dad should we be doing this?!” I whispered. Me and Hannah, like any person would take another thought about this whole jumping over fire thing. “Syd, just do it” dad instructed, like a good sensible parent, letting their kids jump over fire. Finally the moment came, it was our turn. Me and hannah took a deep long breath and jumped. I had to say it was a splendid feeling. It felt like you were souring above a death trap, and feeling very powerful once you reached the other side. That night me and Hannah drove home with fire singes crisped around our flip-flops.



For summer vacation I made a quick pit stop to Greece before going to the States. Guess who came with me? My best-best friend in the entire world! HANNAH! They got there before we did and my mom thought of a great idea! we were all going to get matching bright blue t- shirts. So it was about 12:00 at night when we arrived at a gorgeous house with a sparking pool that was over on top of the mountain. Even though it was pitch black, you could still see the house’s lights flickering. And as alwasys. Kimbra was running up the driveway with that same dazzling smile. We got out of the taxi and then the same hugs and kisses and “Oh my look how tall you are” and “My you are big.” And she freaked out once she saw our matching T-shirts. I ran up the steps to the house and Hannah came down and we huged with tears in my eyes. So the parents sent us up to bed in the hot mosquitoes invested room, and whispered and talked about our lives till we all dozed of to sleep.



Man, this years Halloween was super fun. The fifth grade had a special surprise for the rest of the school. The wizard of OZ theme! It was super cool. All the students who wanted to participate could either be a flying monkey or a munchkin I chose to be a munchkin. All the munchkins got fake lollipops that were ginormous! It looked so cool. The Halloween parade was a highlight but the star of the show was… the Halloween party! It was really fun because there were four stations and my favorites were the snack station and the dance station. We just had a unit on nutrition so the snack station was healthy. We had healthy cupcakes and the secret ingredients were pumpkin and yoghurt. They tasted just like any other cupcake. I also liked the dance station because 1 I love dancing and 2 we got to learn the actual dance moves from the music video THRILLER!

After school was even better because we went trick or treating and I didn’t stay in my compound. I went to Willowbrook for a street party with Abby. Afterwards we went trick or treating in Willowbrook. They had the best candy ever! After that we went to green court at 7pm and raided the last of it, only 4 houses were still open so it was not as much fun but we still got a lot of candy and it was truly THE BEST HALLOWEEN (so far.)

Dance Defined 2


Ms Lau (my teacher) is a great dancer. She ran an After School Activity called hip hop happening and it took a lot of practicing. Vincent a high school-er taught us most things then there was a lunch jam. After months of practicing we were finally ready to do the lunch jam. So when we were  having lunch the music started and we bounced into the open area in the cafeteria. A couple of people stood on the tables and we started dancing.

A couple weeks after the lunch jam Ms Lau brought us back and we had a meeting. She told us that if we wanted to be in a big dance show called dance defined, we would represent the elementary. We did weeks of practice just to get it right. We learnt so many things and we got to dance with the big kids and get lifted up. On Monday and Tuesday the week of the dance we got to use the stage. We needed to make a lot of adjustments to the v, one of our movements and other parts.

On the day of the first dance, back stage was buzzing  and we put on so much makeup. The next day was a lot more organized. I think that a High School student, Crystal danced the best, because she had a lot of movement and was exciting.  A group dance called Bomb was the second best because it was like they were robbers and it was really funny, it was in Hip Hop style.

When it came to our first one I was so nervous I stood backstage waiting for it to start so it could finish. As we bounced on stage I felt a lot happier than usual. When we finished we ran backstage as fast as we could, we had 2 short dances to get changed  so we got into our places in the audience. When our Que went we started walking up to the stage. At the end i was happy that it was over but also sad.