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Making Dinner


This year, because I’m going to middle school, my mother decided I’m old enough to cook dinner once a week. Now we all know that Hannah is the big cooker here, and me, well lets just say I’m don’t enjoy it as much. Well yesterday night I had my first ever mission….. I had to make Fajitas. So I put on my apron and headed into our small kitchen. My mom was going to be there to help me out.

First things you’ll need

1. Chicken breasts

2. A red pepper and green pepper.

3. One white onion.

4. Tony’s (Optional)

5. Sour cream

6. Salsa

So that’s all the ingredients for the recipe. As I was cooking the meat, I noticed cooking was a lot of work. My mom ordered me to the sink, easily  a thousand times to wash my hands after I touched the chicken. And  and when I cutting the fat off the chicken it was so slimy and tough, and my knife kept on slipping. So put the pan on the stove, drizzled a bit of olive oil, and put the chicken on the pan. Still watching them sizzle on the pan, I diced up the peppers and the onion. And put them in a separate pan, next to the sizzling chicken. Then we got out the salsa, the cheese and the sour cream. I love sour cream, I had major will power not to eat some. When the chicken and vegetables were done I was the first to jump in and grab some food. The next thing I did, was eat and stuff my face.


Nights in Vamos


In Greece to celebrate the beginning of spring kids go out into the fields and make wreathes with flowers and grass. Fortunately for Sydney and I we got to celebrate the end of spring and the beginning of summer in Vamos this is when we burn the wreathes and the children of each village go to where the party is being held in their village and we jump over the fire groups.

Of course I won’t do this I said to myself its crazy! 5 minutes later “On your marks get set go!” Syd and I said together and off we went we were to the sides of the fire on our first try. But later on we were smack in the middle and as the fire rose our faces went through the flames as well it was a very fun experience.When the fire died down we moved from the streets to the stage which is the centre of attention to watch some dancing. That night is one of the funnest that I have had all holiday. And it is one that I won’t forget.

A week earlier in Vamos Sydney and I went to Ms. Koulas cooking class to learn how to make some traditional Greek dishes. Ms. Koula is a very nice lady who explained the steps very well.  In total we made 5 dishes. The cheese pies were my favorite and we also made Dalmadaes wich are stuffed vine leafs with rice inside.  We also made the traditional Greek salad, Beetroot salad made with Greek yoghourt, and our last dish was Cretan pasta with rooster, (also can be substituted with chicken.) Simon and Jen came with us it was a very fun experience. With all the food that we made it was a feast fit for a king. I will definitely be making these dishes in Shanghai!

Peach Smoothie


You will need:

1 peach

2 cups orange juice

4 cups ice

a blender

How to make

1  cut up the peach and put it in the blender.

2 put the ice and the orange  juice in the blender.

3 once  done put the lid on and set to blend

4 after 30 seconds check to see if its the consistency of juice if so its

Ready? If not blend for 20 more seconds, then pour into cups and enjoy.



Guacamole is a great recipe to make to eat with chips and nachos. I made it with my Dad and it tastes great, I hope you like it.


2 avocados

1 handful of coriander [chopped finely]

1 diced tomato

Tabasco Sauce (add to taste)

half a lemon


mortar and pestle


table spoon

glad wrap


Step One Scoop the avocado out of its skin

Step Two Put into mortar and mash with pestle

Step Three Put mashed avocado clean bowl

Step Four Add the diced tomato to the bowl

Step Five Add the amount of Tabasco sauce that you want and then mix

Step Six Add the coriander then mix again

Step Seven Add a squirt of lemon

Step Eight Put glad wrap over the bowl then put in fridge or serve right now with chips or nachos



Pita Chilli Stuffers


If you ever have leftover chilli this is great, useful, and yummy.

I love cooking with my dad and it inspired me to write this recipe.

I hope ya like it!

What you’ll need:






2 pitas

2 cups left over or pre-cooked chili

4 slices of cheese


1.  cut  pitas into fourths

2. stuff chili into pitas then add cheese

3. put in microwave for 30 sec